1. StuartM - Proposal - Remove all lockers by 30/06 and replaced with tubs and restrict members to a maximum of two tubs. (Either 2*Standard 50L bunnings $8 tub or 1*100L tub $18(super strong) - Members to buy their own.) Lots of Ideas, Defer to Davo/Stuart membership subcommittee to write up for approval
  2. StuartM - Area Tidy Hosts signs for Lasers and CAD room point of contacts changed to email addresses of the Laser-Subcommittee and IT-Subcommittee SKotM to action
  • ACTION: SKoT to get prospectus to StuartM for ACNC/Cultural org. registration ongoing
  • ACTION: StuartM to sort our NM and Space t-shirts ongoing One-off t-shirt vendor located in Brisbane.
  • ACTION: MK to wrangle a new sign, to get a cost to Treasurer, and vector files to sign maker Reallocated SKoTM
  • ACTION: SKoT - Solar Panels 5KW for $5000 or so, can lease for ~$150pm.
  • ACTION: Laser Subcommittee - Checklist above laser cutter bigger & investigate 240v level relay logic thing. See infrastructure/laser report
  • ACTION: Lemming - Steeplefund for a new Lathe Tools not done
  • ACTION: Lemming - BNE Hackerspace premises situation. Lemming to write up and send to committee
  • ACTION: StuartM - Security Cameras → Mitch's Never Never - StuartM to gather details from Mitch DONE
  • ACTION: SKoTM to post to list re current process for reporting dangerous things Wiki updated. Incidents eg Use of spraypaints/solvents has informed the grey areas in the process
  • ACTION: SKotM to form subcommittee to work up a draft for next meeting
  • ACTION: DaveO refer to IT subcommitte for technical solution to pinging members before their membership expires Not done
  • ACTION: TimG to investigate Jekyll as a tool for replacing wordpress site with a static one. Jekyll - given it a go, Wordpress is path of least resistance unless someone else wants to run with it. Todo: Add calendar link and remove shop link
  • ACTION: SKoTM to follow up with Rod re spanish music night unknown
  • ACTION: SKotM to post to list about resin, paints etc on workbenches, and the importance of using drop sheets. not done
  • ACTION: MitckK to investigate officeworks printing of (RFID?) membership cards not done
  • ACTION: SKotM to review membership list. Not done - still needs list
  • ACTION: StuartM to sort out Insurance DONE
  • Present: SKotM NickB StuartM JeanMichel SteveH
  • Apologies: MegT, DaveO, AndrewE
  • Absent: RichH
  • Observing: Lemming
  • Opened: 11:30
  • Closed: 13:12
  • Next meeting: 14th May 11AM,
Status Accepted/Rejected
Moved By Nick
Seconded By Stuart
  • Lemming reports that Vocus has offered us fiber at 100/100 but at $700! No thanks.
  • SKotM - in discussion with City of Perth re space activation, with the goal of an Artifactory City site. Discussion so far has been SkoT finding the person to talk to.
  • RTR having a fundraiser at the WA museum. Artifactory is one of three funding targets for the event. We have offered to make dodads for RTR sponsors in exchange. Space under Hackett Hall, display cases will ahve been emptied, and we can fill them with “things”. Meg is acting as liason on music side. Michel Ludwig (known to some members is running PR.
  • Curtin Pedal guys - have a Curtin uni funding budget of $500.
  • The flow of rain is being observed. The Sump pump out the front has been glued again, so hopefully we'll avoid flooding out the front.
  • Door 1.5 has a solar panel, but it may not be secured. We should investigate the state of the roof prior to wind and rain. SKotTM to action.
  • Dan's plumbing explorations - there is a septic, where is unknown, soakwells get OK from Don - WINTER READINESS in general.
  • Glued bricks are staying glued.
  • Alex keen to run welding workshops, so perhaps use to finish bars for windows.

Chairperson's Report

  • Working on bylaws around member refusal to stop doing a (suspected) dangerous thing. See action item

Treasurer's Report

31/03/2016 29/02/2016
NAB Balance $7526.11 $6539.58
Estimated Bond Value $6630 $5930

Insurance $1890.15 paid 05/04

REVENUE Last Month 5 Month Average
Membership $5380 $4891
Space Cash (Events/Venue hire/drinks/tool fees/day users/other) $944 $668
Grants/Prizes $0 $358
TOTAL REVENUE $6324 $5917
Lease (Paid Month in advance) -$3993 -$3993
Electricity -$539 -$479
Waste/Internet/Welding Supplies -$350 -$324
Insurance (12 month average) -$158
TidyHQ/Bank Charges -$154 -$110
Merchant Fees -$28 -$40
TOTAL EXPENSES (Excluding Equipment) -$5065 -$5104
Equipment Purchases* - $543 - $325

*Dropsaw $276.00, Liquid Nails(for loose bricks)+Latches(rear door) $9.15, Laser Lenses * 3 US160 $218.03, Rasperry Pi for Laser Interlocks $40.00

Major Events ADUG $130, NM $135+extra stock

Insurance $1890.15 up 450 on last year

  1. renewed with contents cover $30K
  2. they know we are like men in sheds(not just men) with a band rehearsal room, music nights, workshops other events,
  3. that we don't keep track of who uses the space and that others hirer the space.
  4. that we have dangerous tools (welding, laser cutters, saws etc)
  5. that we have NO deadlocks on exterior doors
  6. that we do have Bars on external windows
  7. that we serve liquor in accordance to WA liquor rules. They have added the clause “​Breach of Liquor Act” We do not cover any liability for Personal Injury or Damage to Property arising out of any action in breach of common law or statute law in relation to the sale or consumption of alcohol.
  8. that we now have taped closed circuit TV installed


  1. We can now have a youtube video on our TidyHQ site if we want?
  2. Used the the welcome email to spam members at invoice time with what is on?…..Feed back

Membership Officer Report

    • Approval of New Members - Glenn Martin, Lawrence Dixon, Herve Dutrenit, Alex Polgardy, Helen Cockeril Approved
  • 1 (-1) Full Members with Tool Usage,
  • 37 (+6) Full Members;
  • 13 (-3) Concession Memberships;
  • 1 Studio Memberships
  • 1 Sponsored Memberships
  • 1 Studio Office Memberships (For 2 Members)
  • 6 (-1) Band Memberships

Events Officer Report

  • Previous
    • Open Day
    • Noizemaschin - Success - sonically and diversity, curated by Josten Myurgh Interesting lineup - No performers who identified as hetrosexual males.
    • Swancon hired Sound gear (Which is currently owned by SKoT) - owe $300. They are interested
  • Upcoming
    • NM
    • DIY Synth night is back
    • Regular events - Wine & Design, Arduino U, General hacking day.
    • Travis Rose (regular NM performer) A group of his friends would like to put on a tribute night. Only broad discussion so far.
    • RTR/Museum Night (3rd June).StuartM proposes regular build nights. Perhaps tie in with Wine & Design. Sunday Crafternoon?

General: List of subcommittes and mailing lists NickB to update wiki with details

Laser Subcommittee

  • SKotM: Officeworks for whiteboard, get extenstion cords and have everything in one place.
  • Check bearing on little red's fan.
  • Plan for interlocks etc continues.

IT Subcommittee

  • Door 1.6 released - Now checks cardlist. Roadmap on GitHub
  • Routine Patching of VMs
  • Central logging → core
  • webcam page fixed (where poss)
    • Tidy and label patching (re-enable office outlets?)
    • IP address reshuffle to make things more logical
    • Move critical services onto router (can then be UPSd if desired)
    • Purchase external HDD for Disaster Recovery backup
  • Reminder to mail any changes to the artifactory-it mailing list
  • IRC Channel #artifactory on freenode resurrected - Will promote to members

Infrastructure Subcommittee

Security Subcommittee

  • Yet to Meet.SKot to action - call for meeting
  • We can apply for a Permanent Liquor License as “Restricted Club” ~ $400 RGL may be have veto over our constitution SKoT to contact RGL and determine exact requirements
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