Committee Meeting 2016.03.12

  • ACTION: SKoT to get prospectus to StuartM for ACNC/Cultural org. registration Ongoing
  • ACTION: SkotM to review prospectus and contact Kool Room to arrange follow-up Not going ahead
  • ACTION: SKoTM to sort our NM and Space t-shirts Not Done - handed to StuartM
  • ACTION: MK to wrangle a new sign Ongoing - MitchK to get a cost to Treasurer, and vector files to sign maker
  • ACTION: SKoT - Solar Panels Not Done
  • NickB to attend cornwall house council presentation. Done. Project continues, next meeting this coming tuesda 15th @2PM. NickB would like others to attend too
  • NickB to quantify whether cracks are getting bigger. Done - they're not
  • TimG refer to IT subcommitte for technical solution to pinging members before their membership expires Not done, DaveO taken on
  • TimG to investigate Jekyll as a tool for replacing wordpress site with a static one. Ongoing - wordpress converter reasonable success
  • SKoTM to follow up with Rod re spanish music night No news from Rod
  • NickB to implement clever fridge hack to stop cans freezing Done by StuartM
  • SKotM to post to list about resin, paints etc on workbenches, and the importance of using drop sheets. Not Done
  • MitckK to investigate officeworks printing of (RFID?) membership cards Not Done
  • SKotM to review membership list. Not Done (But ongoning)
  • StuartM to wrangle potential sponsors for website. (See agenda) Done
  • Present: SKoTM StuartM TimG SteveH JeanMichelM DavidO NickB
  • Observing: BrettD Lemming MitchK JimM
  • Apologies:
  • Absent: MegT (Fill in rest?)
  • Opened: 11:15
  • Closed: 12:57
  • Next meeting: NEXTMEETING, n weeks
Status Accepted
Moved By StuartM
Seconded By SteveH
  • Australian Design Festival want to have an event about the glories of flat-pack tech. SKoT
  • Rockingham Council would like a tour re them setting up a local hackerspace doeen there.
  • Informal chat with RTR, re hand-me-d
  • own post their LotteriesWest grant.
  • No communication from police re burglary.
  • Nil

Chairperson's Report

  • No leads on burglru but all is fine.

Treasurer's Report

29/02/2016 31/01/2016
NAB Balance $6539.58 $5819.50
Estimated Bond Value $5750 $5390
REVENUE Last Month 4 Month Average
Membership/Office Rent/Band Room $4803 $4730
Space Cash (Events/Venue hire/drinks/tool fees/day users/other) $835 $1045
Total (Excluding Equipment) $5638 $5775
EXPENSES Last Month 4 Month Average
Lease -$3993 -$3993
Electricity -$589 -$460
Waste/Internet/Welding Supplies -$175 -$310
Insurance (12 month average) -$120
TidyHQ/Bank Charges -$90 -$100
Total (Excluding Equipment) -$4847 -$4983
Equipment Purchases - $0 - $272

Major Events

  • CSIRO $215, ADUG $110, NM $131, ModSynth ~$250 to $300, DnB loss $167 minimum


  • SPENT Dropsaw $276 (04/03/16)
  • TO BE SPENT - Cabling/Tools for electronic work bench ~$227
  • FUNDS AVAILABLE ~$550 excluding the above $227

Eftpos Terminal

  • Got it 16/2. $644 put through it in Feb. Much higher use than estimated.
  • Instructions for use is listed in the committee 'restricted section' + on wall in the office.

Joe Hockey and Mathias Corman Moment completed by treasurers


  • In agenda - Needs a lot of changes

Membership Officer Report

Approval of New Members Gerard Biles-CONCESSION, James McCluskey-FULL, addam eid-CONCESSION, Volker Ritzka-FULL, Brett Downing-FULL

All approved without dissent

Members Ceasing Bastian Baalmann???? Out of the country?? - Membership Overdue by 3 or more

  • 2 Full Members with Tool Usage,
  • 31 Full Members;
  • 16 Concession Members;
  • 1 Studio Member
  • 1 Sponsored Member
  • 1 Active Band/Concession Membership
  • 1 Active Tenant; which includes two individual “full” memberships
  • 7 Bands

Events Officer Report

  • NoizeMaschin
  • BioHack
  • Open Day
  • Modular Synth on hold last month
  • Modular Synth
  • ADUG
  • NoizeMaschin!!
  • Members of each subcommittee need to be listed in WIKI

Infrastructure Report

  • Should we have a “Lifetime member” gratis membership for continued and past dedication to the space (MitchK) SKoTM suggests acknowledgement with signage.
  • Artifactory 2.0 - encompass changes relating to our newer, brighter future DOM
    • New Logo
    • complete review of security
    • storage options
    • member management
  • Member projects v Infrastructure projects v 'The Space as a project'
  • Insurance. Quote received from broker.
    • Deadlock needs to be added to rear door prior to insurance renewal 30/03 Action: SKoTM: Arrange deadlock
    • Policy needs a lot of updating - thus cost maybe quite different. (We now have closed circuit tv, revenue is greater, current policy says we have one employee?) Action: Executive to gather details Action: Call out for specific items for contents insurance.
  • Current security issues - subcommittee? Action: SkotM to arrange subcommittee TimG and NickB to join
  • Policy regarding dangerous projects (including but not limited to HV work) On Wiki. Action: All to review then convene
  • Ability to suspend members or projects Action: SKotM to form subcommittee to work up a draft for next meeting Action: SkoTM to post to list regarding our current process as interim solution.
  • (once again) acceptable levels of member storage and can James be switched to Studio Membership?
    • Studio Membership Definition in TidyHQ “Full membership, for artists who use the space as their studio (and thus use more space than the average member)”. DaveO suggests we designate “Cosplay Shelf”.
  • Exit Signs Sitting in Office - are they suppose to be put up. They are spares *
  • Ownership of equipment in the Artifactory (STUART)
    • The large metal frame shelving units brought in by CDM Studios is a donation to the Artifactory.
    • Lockers, Wood/Acrylic - Clear Ownership
    • Security cameras “4x unify cameras and uvc pro” - Action: $695 converted to never never
    • Other
  • StuartM to wrangle potential sponsors for website. Clarification - Not proposing sponsors. - Proposing Google Ads?
  • Big Red Issue - last repair lasted nine days.(NickB) Action: Checklist above laser cutter bigger? 240v level relay logic thing? Refer to Laser Subcommittee
  • Lathe is rubbish. A much better lathe can be obtained for $2000 (Lemming) Action: Steeplefund. Lemming to wrangle
  • Lemming described BNE hackerspace situation re accom. Action Lemming to write up details and send to committee
  • Checklist above laser cutter bigger & investigate 240v level relay logic thing. Laser Subcommittee to action
  • Steeplefund for a new Lather Lemming to action
  • BNE Hackerspace premises situation Lemming to write up and send to committee
  • Security Cameras → Mitch's Never Never StuartM to gather details from Mitch and Action
  • SKoTM to post to list re current process for reporting dangerous things
  • SKotM to form subcommittee to work up a draft for next meeting
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