Committee Meeting 2016.01.09

  • ACTION: Stuart to investigate EFTPOS pin pad.
  • ACTION: SKoT to get prospectus to StuartM for ACNC/Cultural org. registration
  • ACTION: TG to put call out to area hosts. SteveH: elec, DanB: Kitchen, SKoTM: Swarfomat/stage Done
  • ACTION: SkotM to review prospectus and contact Kool Room to arrange follow-up Not Done
  • ACTION: SKoTM to action ADUG(WA) Promo pending NB's feedback Done
  • ACTION: SKoTM to sort our NM and Space t-shirts Not done
  • ACTION: MK to wrangle a new sign Not Done
  • ACTION: Stuart to add wiki section on How to cancel/suspend membership. Ongoing
  • Theft of drinks Fridge Not a theft - things just moved about. Aircon guy - buy more, but give directly to guy
  • Front office door lock
  • Access check: front door key?
  • Lasercutter spares around $350 Total. Approved. NB to action
  • Steel security cable for electronic work bench Good idea - Chase up MitchK to get quotes
    • Tools to cut/crimp/swage the cable
  • Purchase of air conditioner for band room OK! Meg to action
  • Revisit of Laser Cutter Costs for Non-Members $5 for 10 minutes. See elsewhere
  • New revenue sources. See eklsewhere
  • Identity for security Update notevoards, wiki, memberhip - need subcommittee
  • Present: Skot, Meg, Nick, Steve
  • Apologies: DO'M Stuary
  • Absent:
  • Observing:
  • Opened: 10:55AM
  • Closed: 12:00
  • Next meeting: 13th 11:00AM
Status Accepted
Moved By Steve
Seconded By Nick
  • Skm stm - - stirling city sustainability grant & Deductable gift recipient (DGR)
  • SH: Roller Door being left open Action reattach bolt
  • SKM: Office door lock broken, door damaged. Action SKoT has lock, will replace
  • SH notes that the inside crack near back roller door is looking bigger.
  • SKM action Tee up a meeting with Don.

Chairperson's Report

  • Space has been a little empty - hols and heat. Still a bit clean!
  • Office break in, so we need to up our security.
  • Actually cashflow positive again!

Treasurer's Report

    • Last known bank balance $8201.45 - 08/1/2016
    • Feb Rent due 31/01 $3993
    • :) Members are paying more promptly :)
  • Half Year report: “20151231 Half Year.pdf”
    • In a normal month our income is probably about 5K
      • $3000 membership
      • $1200 CDM Studio's
      • $800 cash
    • Expenses probably total about 5K too
      • 84% lease rent, 6.9% electricity
    • NAB Opening Balance 20150701: $4955.65
    • NAB Closing Balance 20151231: $6667.77
      1. Bond Value According To TidyClub - $4965.00
      2. TidyClub/Stripe payments yet to hit NAB account at 20151231: $1033.66
      3. January 2016 Lease Paid 31/12/15
  • Provided a new option instead of cash, (thus capture those persons who don't have cash and possibly forget.)
    1. for casual membership - via TidyClub and Bank Transfers
    2. for laser cutting/drinks. via Bank Transfers
    3. Wiki/TidyClub updated for this.
  • Laser Cuttting Prices for Non-members 50c considered too high by some. Temporary rise to 20c a minute sign posted. (Note website states $0.50 a minute - minimum $5.) Item to be debated under agenda items.

Membership Officer Report by Treasurer

  • MEMBERSHIP snapshot
    • Approval of New Members Back to 01/07/15-08/01/16
    • Russell Clarke, Steven Tseng, Stuart McDonald, Raphael Pearce, Bradley Parkin, Jim Mullaney, Matt Legg, Nicholas Howes, Alex Hill, Mike Handley, Aaron Hammond, Ricki Barnes, Andrew Elwell - Full
    • Ben Hindmarsh, Roger Harrison, Mac Ma, Lawson Galbraith, Kiana Jones, Jason Kongchouy, jean-michel maujean, Annie Rawle - Concession Approved (no dissent)
    • Steve Dillon(The Terror Adaptors) - Band
    • Current Numbers: X full, X concession, X visitor members
  • 3 Full Members with Tool Usage, (manual+auto renew); 3 Active Full(y paid up for this month)
  • 30 Full Members; 25 Active Full and 5 Partial Full
  • 13 Concession Members; 6 Active Concession and 7 Partial Concession
  • 1 Active Studio Member
  • 1 Sponsored Member
  • 4 Active Visitors
  • 3 Band Memberships;
  • 1 Active Band/Concession Membership
  • 1 Active Tenant; which includes two individual “full” memberships
  • 32 paid members

Events Officer Report

  • Previous
  • Upcoming

1/ Eftpos Facilities

  • NAB (Our Bank) seems to be the cheapest of the majors. (Checked - CBA, BankWest, ANZ, Westpac)
  • Option 1 - Eftpos Terminal
    • $40 per month.
    • Once turnover hits 1500.
    • 1.5% transaction fee. For Visa, MasterCard, UnionPay, International, Eftpos.
    • As we wouldn't have that much. Say $500 at the tops. Then that $40 translates into 8% cost.
  • Option 2 - Card Reader that connects to a smart phone. NAB
    • Monthly fee $10
    • Credit Cards 2.1% of turnover.
    • Eftpos Transaction fee of 40c
    • Up front cost is $100
    • Downside to this is someone needs to provide a phone and have software installed to use this.
    • for $500 put through terminal. Costs of about $20. 4%. (Monthly fee $10, 5*eftpos, $400*0.21)
  • I'd(STUART) prefer option 1 if we need a terminal, I will not provided my phone for option 2.
  • Option 3 - “Paypal Here” terminal
    • $150 from Officeworks
    • Paypass/Paywave “tap and go”
    • “Accept MasterCard, Visa and American Express debit and credit card payments quickly and securely, wherever you are. You can also send receipts, view your sales history, process refunds, and view and withdraw your balance, all from your mobile”
    • No monthly fees or lock-in contracts
    • 1.95% transaction fee for card reader payments
    • Does it contain a 3G cellular modem and SIM?

2/ Stuart to add wiki section on How to cancel/suspend membership. - No action taken yet.

Infrastructure Report

  1. Laser Cuttting Prices for Non-members 50c considered too high by some. Temporary rise to 20c a minute sign posted. (Note website states $0.50 a minute - minimum $5.) What fee price to set? 50c option. Offer discounted rate for cosplay/laser cutting events
  2. EFTPOS - Go for it? OK. NB to point StM at Officeworks Paypal option
  3. Give the Treasurer the option to allow members with Never-Never balances the option of paying their membership. The treasurer will not give this option to a member if the account balance is below bond value level. Approved
  4. The Treasurer requests that new revenue sources should be investigated. Propose
    • “How to” youtube videos. (A couple people are interested in starring, we just need a youtube whizz.“) Action: Form YouTube subcommittee - JKong to be pressed into wrangling.
    • Accept advertising on our website
      • NB: Sponsor listings - definitely, dynamic ads not so much. Website already needs streamlining to remove Javascript, trackers, broken calendars, possibly pull together other sites a bit - Tidyclub, wiki, calendar, mailing list, Facebook
      • In theory great - if done well. StM to chase up sponsors
    • Provide members an incentive to go after grants - maybe discount on membership if successful
  5. Identity for security. How can we help members identify members/non-members who enter the space. Names on the Wiki, Photo board… Not discussed

* Misuderstandings surrounding laser maintenance and spares being ordered. subcommittee to form to resolvee * SM $40 interest free for solar panels - action SM to follow up with Don

Proposed events:

* 12 Feb Drum and bass night (MitchK) * 12 Mar Spanish music night (Rod)

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