Committee Meeting 2015.11.14

  • Present: Stuart McDonald, Nick Bannon (acting chair), Steve Hodges, Tim Gilchrist (Minutes).
  • Apologies: SKoT McDonald, Meg Travers, Davo, Andrew
  • Absent:
  • Observing: Mitch Kelly, Chris Hall
  • Opened: 11:30
  • Closed: 12:25
  • Next meeting: 14:00 19th December.
Status Accepted
Moved By STM
Seconded By NB
  • Stirling approval!!
  • MK will arrange for a guy to have a look at the air conditioner
  • Visit from Don (Landord). He's keen for us to make a new sign. MK to wrangle.

Chairperson's Report

  • BSF on today, everyone should lend a hand.

Treasurer's Report

  • $6752.43 - Decembers rent due month end
  • BOC overdue account $40.16 to be paid Monday
  • Cash Flow 14-15 Uploaded into TidyClub

Membership Officer Report

STM - Roughly 7 new members. Would be good to have more.  

Pending Davo's report
* n paid members
* Approval of New Members
  * List members here

Events Officer Report

  • Previous
    • NoizeMaschin!!:
    • Arduino U:
    • DIY synth night: Final one for 2015 - resumes in Feb 2016. Many Members, 15 Non Members
    • ADUG.
  • Upcoming
  • Beaufort St Festival.
  • NM!!
  • 19th Dec - Fundraiser gig for air conditioner.
  • TG to put call out to area hosts. SH elec, DB, Kitchen. SM Swarfomat/stage Not done
  • SM to review prospectus and contact Kool Room to arrange followup unknown
  • NB to contact ADUG and ask if they're OK with us promoting their event to raise activity profile of the space. Not done
  • SM to action ADUG Promo pending NB's feedback. Pending NB
  • SM to sort our NM and Space t-shirts unknown
  • DB to replace cistern and taps Done

Infrastructure Report

  • Development of a “Master Plan” for the Space: We are a do-ocracy, but we still need a strategic vision for overall area allocation and facilities that recognises competing and overlapping interests and uses. By documenting such a Master Plan, not only will we be able to all pull in the same direction, but we will have something to gloat over when super heroes are tied up at the Space. (My (SKoT) 2c: I'll try to kick start something off on the WIKI; I'm keen for main central space recovery (for gigs), and boosting temporary bench space (we have an influx of new members who will need to be accommodated), and reducing large furniture, perma-workbenches etc in the main area, eg the spare sofa.)
  • Security: We've had a few randoms coming through the space of late, a close call with a wallet (miscreant was caught whilst high-tailing it, wallet was recovered). Several members have proposed recorded CCTV near the doors and carpark at the very least; possible logging of time-lapse images from the webcams. Discuss Pros & Cons. (My 2c: I'm in favour, I think privacy concerns are no worse than what we broadcast already on the webcam page, and logged video / images could be kept on a secure committee-only server.). Also need to make “keep door closed if you are alone/few of you in space, esp at night”
  • NB: Privacy concerns. TG: Let's push forward.TG Move: Take to broader membership via mailing list to inform all. SH Second. Passed * First Gig / Licensed Event: Saturday Dec 19: (proposed) fundraiser for music room & space in general
  • NB Moved start running licensed event. TG second Passed * Solar Panels: We have $800 in pledges so far, need 6000 more (or more fund raising). I've volunteered to Do Stoopid Super Villian Stunts For Money (“$200 to present a list of our demands upon the City to Mayor Lisa Scaffedi”) as part of a fund-run. Anyone else? Can we do this in Early Dec? Broad agreement, comittee too hot to decide on a fun-run**
  • NB: BSF on today, everyone should lend a hand.
  • Building approval Woo!
  • CHCW - NB will keep in touch with them as project ticks along, but would like backup. Next meeting 1400 Tuesday 17th December
  • STM: Wants to register with ACNC for official not-for-profit status. Will investigate.
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