Committee Meeting 2015.10.17

  • Present: Meg Travers, SKot McDonald Jean-Michel Maujean, Stuart McDonald, Tim Gilchrist Nick Bannon Andrew Elwell, Steve Hodges
  • Apologies:
  • Absent: David O'Mera, Rich Hatwell
  • Dan Brown observing
  • Opened: 11:20
  • Closed: 12:15
  • Next meeting: 11:00 14th nov (same date as BSF).
Status Accepted
Moved By NB
Seconded By AE
  • [SM] Vic Park Collective/Kool Room 660sqm warehouse opposite them. Idle until developed. very close to burswood train station. Rent would be higher, but we can possible put together a combined bid with other groups. Action: SM to update Artifactory Prospectus and follow up.
  • [SM] NB/SM went to Cornwall House. Too far off financially and dates, and other groups appear to be losing interests. SM recommends we don't peruse it, but remain in contact. NB willing to attend a few more meetings.
  • Letter from Google offering discount Google Ads.
  • City of Stirling and our building consultant have “shaken hands” and we're now waiting for a final email from Stirling confirming our right to exists. Almost Huzzah
  • Leaking taps and toilets - Dan Brown is a licensed plumber/gas fitter and has volunteered to fix.
  • Electronics area host raised safety concerns re high voltage mains projects, soldering irons left on etc. Recommends a single power source for bench with a big red stop button. DB raises general point regarding insurance issues of potentially doing unlicensed work etc..

Chairperson's Report

  • Thankyou everyone for helping with open day. Memberships have spiked, and we should do more - 1st Saturday of the month ! Well done everyone!

Treasurer's Report

  • Handover to SM this week.
  • Bank account access sorted - Stuart McDonald, Tim Gilchrist, SKoT McDonald. One to Sign.
  • Paid last month's rent. ~$1000 short on rent for this month.
  • Est 70 members to be self-sustaining.

Membership Officer Report

  • ~55 paid members
  • Approval of New Members - Moved SKoT, Seconded Tim. Passed

Events Officer Report

  • Previous
    • NoizeMaschin!! - was Fine.
    • Arduino U survived sans-Doug.
    • DIY synth night. 10 members, 10 non-members attending.
  • Upcoming
  • ADUG. Action - NB to find out if they're up for general promotion - useful as general profile-raising for Space. SM to action if so.
  • PLUG interested in using space
  • Beaufort St Festival.
  • NM!!
  • DIY Modular Synth Workship

Infrastructure Report

  • Large Air compressor - electrician required. Using small compressor as stop gap.
  • AE has a boot for of paving slabs for under compressor etc.
  • Drill Press failing.

* First New member / Open day was good. Next Open Day planning….

  1. Success

* Internal space clutter - too much furniture, too many trolleys, too much storage. We've done well taming the carpark and back yard, now onto the inside again. * Refreshing area hosts * Office AC + power - it is proposed that offices / music room are left to fend for themselves rather than find the fault with the Big A/C's tripping power supply….?

  • SM moves we don't fix, and room users can supply through wall box aircon if desired. TG Second. Passed without dissent.

* Property / Venue planning. (9 months till lease expires?)

  1. Tim & SKoT visited a site in Burswood - Vic Park Collective “Kool Rooms” - there is a warehouse opposite going. Investigating. Dan Brown: Would we entertain Artifactory A/B? General support, still in embryonic stages.
  2. SKoT & Nick attended Midland group “Cornwwll House” meeting. My 2c: not worth pursuing. They need to find big bucks, are fragmented, sub groups losing interest, the site is on the fringes of the city, and years from being ready. Many members have expressed to me they would not follow Artifactory out to midland.
  • Sttuart McDonald wants to replace toilet seats. DB wants to replace whole cistern. DB will fund one, and post to list to steeple fund 2nd one.
  • NB retured large argon bottle.
  • TG to put call out to area hosts. SH elec, DB, Kitchen. SM Swarfomat/stage
  • SM to review prospectus and contact Kool Room to arrange followup
  • NB to contact ADUG and ask if they're OK with us promoting their event to raise activity profile of the space.
  • SM to action ADUG Promo pending NB's feedback.
  • SM to sort our NM and Space t-shirts
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