• Present: JennaD DavidO'Meara NickBannon Jean-MichelMaujean AndrewElwell SteveHodges TimGilchrist StuartMcDonald MitchK SKoTMcDonald JasonMuirhead
  • Apologies:
  • Absent:
  • Opened: 20150912-1205
  • Closed: 20150912-1310
  • Next meeting:
    • Saturdays 1pm?
    • 20151017-1100, 4 weeks
  • Chairperson
    • SKoT nominates self
    • Passed unanimously: Huzzah! SKoT!
  • Vice-Chairperson
    • SKoT nominates NB
    • Passed unanimously: Huzzah! NB!
  • Secretary
    • TimG nominates TimG
    • Passed unanimously: Huzzah! TimG!
  • Treasurer
    • StuartM nominates StuartM
    • Passed unanimously: Woo! StuartM
  • Deputy Secretary
    • SteveH nominates self, accepted
      • Huzzah, Steve!
  • Membership officer
    • DaveO nominates David O'Meara, accepted
      • Huzzah, David!
  • Events Manager
    • SKoT McDonald nominates self
    • Deputy AndrewNonlinearCircults for modular synth nights, also 2 others for NM nights
      • Huzzah, SKoT!
  • Infrastructure Tsar
    • Mitch Kelly nominates self
      • Huzzah, Mitch!
  • Quartermaster
    • James Sim Mooted. Defer until he's been contacted.
    • TimG happy to continue if James Sim not happy to do it.
  • Safety Officer
    • JeanMichel self nominiates
      • Huzza, Jean Michel

* ACTION: TG will start invoices to Dan Browne, JD will contact, Cc: TG. Signup in Tidyclub and needs a key

  • Rich as looking for a key, contacted James at AudioVault DONE
  • SM: Updating lock on sliding door, music room TODO
  • ACTION: SM: New Computers languishing: PCs in office/CAD need imaging TODO
  • ACTION: NB: Notification of AGM, nominations DONE
Status Accepted/Rejected
Moved By Tim
Seconded By DaveO

Cornwall house report

WarrenC: Project still a long term - “3 years until walking thorough the door.” Of 6 million target, 3 million raised. 40000 from lotterywest to create business plan, consultant hired, Possible another 1.5 million from lotterywest. Student group being taken on. Monthly meeting, Warren would like someone to take over. SM will come to next one (this Tuesday) NB/SM/DO will work out ongoing.

Action: WC to send details to SM/NB/DO

SM: We have an end-of-lease coming, and we're not cash positive. Need to build bridges to other groups, eg Enkel, City of Perth. Artifactory can still exist, may need to translocate all our bits unless our funding situation improves.

  • SM: End of lease coming up… year? Reported cracks to landlord. More flooding, Pipe at top rearranged. Leaks above Galactica, Wall near cad room leaking
    • DO: Safety officer should wrangle flammables.
  • Welcome new committee. need to do promo, opendays, t-shirts to raise profile of space.
    • Last known bank balance: $1,928.04
  • Action: Davo to update post-meeting
    • Current Membership Numbers
    • ? active full, ? inactive full
    • ? active concession, ? inactive concession
    • ? active visitors, ? inactive visitors
  • What's the expected membership income for this or last month?
    • (activeF*75 + activeC*45) = $X?
      • or… how many people have paid a month's membership or more in the last 30 days?
    • + $1350 AudioVault?
  • Previous events
  • NM, Modular synth
    • Robotics Workshop
  • Upcoming events
    • Accepted for BeaufortSt Festival 20151114,
    • Davo will cover costs, profits will go to space
  • Accepted for RoboFair. Larger stall combining with SWMakers, West coast makers and Vic Park Enkel
  • Suggested events

Safety Report

  • Safety Officer


  • None

Media and Propaganda/Promotions

  • SM to be main contact - form next subcommittee

IT Infrastructure Report

  • AlexY Upgraded CPU in server.
  • Andrew Elwell main contact. - form next subcommittee

Infrastructure Report

  • Call for ideas on membership pricing to be discussed at next meeting.
  • Laser cutters members only. Visitors at mercy of open days/finding a member to cut for them. Can point them at other options - FabLab etc.
  • Open Days, public training days for lasercutters. ACtion: Events and promotions subcommittee to discuss.
  • SM: Padlock Bin? Efficient packing often not used. Action: SM to discuss potential bin usage with Dan to make sure not excessive
  • ACtion: subcommittees to report to chair before next meeting
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