Committee Meeting 2015.08.15

  • Present: JD SM DO'M Jean-Michel NB TG
  • Apologies: MK
  • Absent: WC BD
  • Opened: 1130
  • Closed: 1209
  • Next meeting: Saturday 20150912-1100, 4 weeks - an Annual General Meeting to start our seventh year
    • ACTION: NB: Notification of AGM, nominations
Status Accepted
Moved By JD
Seconded By DO'M
  • SM:
    • City of Stirling re: events
    • DO'M has dropped his contact details with
    • Visitors from Mirrabooka Library (also in Stirling), Fremantle Museum
    • Interesting meeting/launch with City of Perth, Environmental and Sustainability department
      • Planning and sustainability, eco-hub, a city hackerspace?
      • They want to collect data, pedestrian modelling
      • Space activiation contacts
  • SM: Form BA18 is the final one for Building Compliance, is what Ray Barron needs
    • Contractor fee will be coming
  • DO'M: Curtin Robofair 2015
    • Demo: accessible robots!
  • TG: marked 20150617 in pink pen, SM reported exterior building cracks to owner

Chairperson's Report

  • JD: re Property: Dan Browne who builds the big props wants to rent the front room
    • Yes, come on in
    • ACTION: TG will start invoices
  • SM: Front carpark busybee is due
  • Courtyard work: Tested successfully with some heavy rain since

Treasurer's Report

  • Last known bank balance $1,688.71.
  • Rent, bills for July 2015 paid. Phew.
  • This months Rent and one skip empty not yet paid.
    • Instant Waste send overlapping invoices and account usage notifications, unclear
  • Paypal acount: need credentials: SM or DH?

Membership Officer Report

  • Approval of New Members
  • 3 Full Members with Tool Usage (manual+auto renew) being 2 Active Full and 1 Partial Full
  • 33 Full Members being 25 Active Full and 8 Partial Full
  • 6 Concession Members being 1 Active Concession and 5 Partial Concession
  • 0 Studio Members
  • 1 Sponsored Member - 1 Active
  • 6 Active Visitors
  • 3 Band Membership - 2 Active and 1 Partial

Events Officer Report

  • Previous
    • Cracker of a NoizeMaschin!! birthaversary
      • September Wednesday in Mandurah
      • Tuesday could happen as well, A/B event
    • DIY Modular Synth
    • JD: Presented at Vic Park SOUP!
      • There are $500 seed funding grants from soup night sales, pitch your idea, vote
      • SM/DO'M/TG we could run one!
  • Upcoming
    • DO'M: Stirling Robot-arm workshop Sat 20150829-1000
    • DO'M: Beaufort Street Festival, Saturday 20151114: Sales! DO'M will pay for stall
      • TG: Us the space's acrylic in the office
      • TG: T-Shirts
      • JD: Orrey design
      • SM: Valves!
  • City of Stirling - elec works + other fix forms submitted [SM], working with Ray Barron

Infrastructure Report

  • AGM Planning, next committee prep [SM]
  • New Computers languishing [SM]
    • ACTION: SM: PCs in office/CAD need imaging
  • Desperate need for more events, promotion, committee steerage [SM]
  • Final push to clear carpark [SM]
  • Over abundance of underutilized storage actually hindering useful areas [SM]
    • Shelves near lasercutter
    • Next weekend busybee Sat 20151122 (week before workshop)
  • DO'M: 3D printer from Govhack has not re-appeared despite queries
  • JD: Need 1.75mm filament for the Up! 3D, will get some from Fremantle
  • ACTION: TG will start invoices to Dan Browne, JD will contact, Cc: TG. Signup in Tidyclub and needs a key
    • Rich as looking for a key, contacted James at AudioVault
    • SM: Updating lock on sliding door, music room
  • ACTION: SM: New Computers languishing: PCs in office/CAD need imaging
  • ACTION: NB: Notification of AGM, nominations
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