Committee Meeting 2015.06.20

  • TG: Band membership level, for use of the rehearsal room
  • Present: JD SM TG NB MK
  • Apologies: DOM
  • Absent: WC BD JM JS
  • Opened: 1345
  • Closed: 1430
  • Next meeting: Sat 20150718-1100, 4 weeks
Status Accepted
Moved By TG
Seconded By JD
  • SM: Potentially space appearing next to Spacecubed, City of Perth is trying to find creative uses for 40% of the building next door
  • SM: Nothing from City of Stirling
  • Previous ACTION: JD: Followup if no response by 20150530 on JM: Jordan: EMAS/Electronic Music Appreciation Society@UWA, knows Ian McIntyre, knows some interested people who could use an office?
    • EMAS: Has gone elsewhere
    • Rent for our sppace is negotiable
    • We have advertised in Artsource's newsletter, Creative Crops, Blazing Swan community deal
  • ACTION: SM will call back George (owner), re: organise a time to inspect the brickwork and drainage
    • No reply yet
    • One sparky can't do it, need to contact another
      • Fire exits, plus write a letter to confirm it
      • ACTION: SM will chase this up this week by hook or by crook
  • SM: We have a working sound system in band room

Chairperson's Report

  • Still need a subtenant, but new individuals are coming in. The potlatch brough a lot of people in!
  • Let's do another? Every month?
    • Wine and Design alternates? Wed 8th July?
    • ACTION: SM: Pick a date - to the lists!

Treasurer's Report

    • Last known bank balance $3,905.55
      • $21 short of June's rent
      • Need those events to plug the gap
    • Incoming: $2856.65
    • Outgoing: $5774.74
    • Net: -$2918.09
    • Instant Waste, skip costs have halved!
      • Weight is still being monitored

Membership Officer Report

    • ACTION: TG and DOM will follow that up
    • Approval of New Members
      • Richard Harrington (ADUG regular), key bond
    • Current Numbers: 38 full, 4 concession, 5 active visitor members

Events Officer Report

  • ACTION: Training/maintenance events
    • Previous volunteers to help prepare/run: AdamF, MK, NB, TG, Rich, TG
  • ACTION: DOM: Membership update post-meeting, memberregister
    • Done! but TG will followup
  • ACTION: JD: Announce Potlatch dinner night Wednesday 20150610-1800, bring a plate
    • Done! Let's do it again
  • ACTION: MK get into Wordpress and upgrade it
    • After meeting, NB
  • ACTION: JD to post list: Welding argon refill time, any with outstanding usage contributions
    • MK: Will pickup Monday

Infrastructure Report

  • PeterH: 3D printer is playing up, jamming during the print - is it the blue feedstock?
    • ACTION: JD: Callout for help
    • MK: May be able to borrow a replacement
  • JS (2014/5 OCM) membership has expired.
  • MOTION: SM: That we update the committee list to reflect that

^ Status | Accepted |

Moved By SM
Seconded By TG
  • Safety incident: Plunge router finger injury
    • Relevant safety reminders have now gone to the list
  • Safety incident: Trip hazard on laser material, visitor hit shoulder on electronics bench
    • Relevant safety reminders have now gone to the list
  • Band Membership
    • SM and MT have now got this running, they are the booking wranglers for use of the rehearsal room
    • $100/month plus free entry to NM!! and WAMod nights
    • Does not include general Artifactory, but will have a key, a combo deal is possible
      • Currently waiving the key bond
    • MOTION: TG: That we create a Band Membership level

^ Status | Accepted |

Moved By TG
Seconded By SM
Date: Tue, 16 Jun 2015 18:24:42 +0800
Subject: Re: [artifactory-ctte] Re: Fundraising
From: The Duckman <>
Message-ID: <>
  • JD: Lasercutter/3D Printer for maker cafe, Adam@Enkel people are keen
    • 3DStudios may fund a printer
    • 3DStudios could use the Artifactory space for workshops
  • ACTION: MK,NB get into Wordpress and upgrade it
  • ACTION: MK to pickup a replacement cylinder Monday, we can afford a smaller D size
  • ACTION: SM will chase fire exit sparky work and documentation this week by hook or by crook
  • ACTION: SM: To the lists! Let's pick a date for a more regular potlatch dinner
  • ACTION: TG, DOM: Membership update/check numbers
  • ACTION: JD: Callout for help re: 3D Up!
  • ACTION: JD will ask her friend Ash, re: Leatherworking workshop, JW, July. Charging is fine.
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