Committee Meeting 2015.05.23

  • ACTION: JD: Lemming's visit long weekend: Get some photographers?
    • He brought some high framerate cameras, lots of cool video
  • ACTION: JD: Start the process to find a new tenant
    • Done!
  • ACTION: MK will call Sims metal or Instant Waste re: could they leave a scrap metal skip with us to fill?
    • Sims will collect from a pile of scrap given a few days notice, their truck will weigh it and they'll give us cash
  • ACTION: AdamF, MK, NB, TG, Rich willing to help prepare/run training/maintenance events
    • Had one, it was awesome
    • TG: has helped wrangle the SMD nights
    • TG: Graphics Design for dummies
  • ACTION: SM will write to George (owner) to get the brickwork and stormwater pump on their radar again
    • Done, awaiting reply?
  • ACTION: Signs and fire extinguishers going up this afternoon; carpet tape and glow-in-the-dark escape route floor arrows we need for building compliance: Install party?!
  • ACTION: NB: we buy a 2 door galvanised cupboard with shelves: $149 at Mitre 10 (Kulin!), SM will contribute
    • Metal trunks in outside shed may suffice?
  • Farewell AudioVault!
  • Spring cleaning
    • Bigger skip: 3m^3
    • Pallet shelves and walkie stacker available
    • Metal waste run - for free?
    • Tidy Space Orderly process: parking → limbo → disposal
  • Who keeps taking the electrical tools? Multimeters, wire strippers, diagonal wire nippers…?!?!
  • artifactory-it - help wanted
    • Substantial self service system setup?
      • Set and reset LDAP passwords, register/unregister RFID tags
    • Update/fix:
  • Present: JD SM NB TG DOM AlexYnema
  • Apologies:
  • Absent: BD JS WC JM
  • Opened: 1136
  • Closed: 1247
  • Next meeting: 20150620-1300, 4 weeks
Status Accepted/Rejected
  • New Instant Waste agreement 3 m^3 bin
  • JM: Jordan: EMAS/Electronic Music Appreciation Society@UWA, knows Ian McIntyre, knows some interested people who could use an office?
    • ACTION: JD: Followup if no response by 20150530
  • DOM: JamesSim HomeLove project
  • DOM: Paul Fieldwick from DeptEducation came for visit, information on lasercutters
  • ACTION: SM will call back George (owner), re: organise a time to inspect the brickwork and drainage

Chairperson's Report

  • Post-AV office rental

Treasurer's Report

    • Last known bank balance 9/5: $476.66
    • Last known bank balance 23/5: $6895.60
      • BollART Team Artifactory has kindly donated their winnings
      • $1000 earmarked for audio equipment
    • Rent/power/etc paid up front (just)
    • Insurance paid for another 12 months (from March 2015 to end of March 2016)
    • Swancon invoices paid - $411.40
    • About $400 to Instant Waste is due
    • Power bill is due
    • VividWireless payment due
    • Banked ~$1400 of cash from fridge, day rates, events etc.
    • Expired subscribers have been chased, some have responded well! but not enough
    • JM has been in touch with TidyClub re: Stripe and recurring memberships
      • Plan: Replace available memberships with recurring ones

Membership Officer Report

    • Approval of New Members
    • Current Numbers: X full, X concession, X visitor members
    • ACTION: DOM: will update post-meeting

Events Officer Report

Infrastructure Report

  • Soundproofing not yet at maximum
    • New hosts:
      • Rich Hatwell: Central benches at stagefront
      • Steve Hodges: Electronics bench
  • IT
    • ACTION: MK get into Wordpress and upgrade it
    • Alex Ynema volunteers
    • Robert Martin volunteers! 3D printer setup
    • Licensed Win7 desktops have had RAM consolidated into 3*4GiB small desktops
      • One replacing lasercutter box
      • One driving 3D printer
  • Welding needs Argon, MK offers $50, NB $50, ~$290 for the C-sized cylinder refill
    • ACTION: JD to post list: Welding argon refill time, any with outstanding usage contributions
  • Lasercutters
  • MK: New extraction blue barrel, collects first stage dust
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