• 2013-2014 finance & activity reports
    • Election of new Committee
    • City of Swan, Cornwell House Community Workshops, Midland
      • We need to prepare a schedule of days/times when we would like to use the CHCW meeting room.
      • Interested Committee members invited to attend the CHCW AGM. Tuesday 19th August @ 14:00 hours at the Midland Town Hall Library
    • ACTION: SKoT: Post AGM: NAB form, new signatories?
    • Review of membership fees
      • 3.3% CPI increase of rent
      • Raise from $70/$40
      • Premium membership, $100/month, no tool usage fees?
      • AudioVault
    • …all to be followed by a lunchtime sausage sizzle
      • JamesS: Let's grab some some decent Mondo's sausages round the corner on the day
        • Golden Bakery rolls/baguettes
    • ACTION: JD to post to artifactory-core re: Membership Invoices, Liquidation!
  • AudioVault
    • Rent rise?
    • Long term plans for the space
      • JD: Dan who made the Stargate and Deathray props, wants to lease some arts studio space, like 25% of the warehouse, 10x10m! Workshops, etc; then expand to Midland?
    • AV wants to have band nights, EP releases
      • Need the space clear so clearing and packing up doesn't take forever!
      • Fri, Sat nights
      • Need to pay a couple of staff behind bar
      • 50 people council limit
        • ACTION: JD: Get a quote for a fire door
    • Shelving
      • Want to put a row of shelvving at the front of the office
        • Area warden says Yes!
      • TG: We could use some too, members-only materials rack
  • ACTION: Anton: Has contact, Claude, with cheap storage crates, Middle Swan. We'd like some, please send details through
  • ACTION: NB: tell landlord about the roof leak above offices in remote corner, drips into AudioVault
  • ACTION: BD: Organise a Chimney, we have permission from the owners for whirlybird, etc. installation
    • DH was going to? With piping from Galvins?
  • ACTION: Southen, Davo, Nick: Armtwist users, especially committee to set a LDAP password on
  • ACTION: WC, write letter to Cornwell House: “Yes we would like to be aprt of this, we have N members, we will be a foundational member club, subject to ratification at our next GM”
  • ACTION: WC: Remove skulls from gate!
    • but some people like them!
  • ACTION: JM will forward AST updates to committee
  • ACTION: MitchK: Fire extinguishers@work for us, Monday?
  • ACTION: JM/TG/JD: Adam Fiannaca - Needs to be converted to a 12 months gratis membership), payment as “other”
  • ACTION: TG: Daniel Macnish has requested his membership be placed on hold as he's traveling until October.
  • ACTION: MK: Make a microphone setup - stage mike + PA?
  • ACTION: WC: Volunteers to run a 3D printer training workshop
  • ACTION: SM: was willing to run a CNC training day when he's back?
  • ACTION: WC: add series key padlock to gate, MK has a spare padlock?
  • Present: JD NB ChrisBashall ChrisHall RichHatwell DavidO'Meara JamesStewart
    • Quorum Fail!
    • AudioVault had more people here and voted us out
    • Then Timbo arrived!
  • Apologies: DH JM BD SM
  • Absent: BR WC AL SR
  • Opened: 10:24am
  • Closed: 11:55am
  • Next meeting: post-AGM, 20140913-1100, 4 weeks
  • True and correct records for June, July?
Status Accepted/Rejected
    • Let's go to Scitech
    • Visitors are coming through, we need more!
    • Last known bank balance
      • Artifactory has $?
      • GSPA has $?
      • Total: $?
      • Major bills paid this month?
        • August rent was, not September yet, due September 1st
        • Power?
  • SM: Sorted out the rent for Aug
  • Grants
    • TG: Would Lotterywest support use with a grant for getting the space up to code?
      • already considering them for the toolroom
    • DO'M: Fogerty Association, Philanthropist's might too
  • New members since last month:
  • Approval of New Members
Status Accepted
  • Current Membership Numbers
    • ? active full, ? inactive full
    • ? active concession, ? inactive concession
    • ? active visitors, ? inactive visitors
    • Some extra visitors are coming through, cash is appearing in the tin
  • What's the expected membership income for this or last month?
    • (activeF*70 + activeC*40) = $X?
      • or… how many people have paid a month's membership or more in the last 30 days?
    • + $1200 AudioVault?
  • Previous
  • Upcoming
  • Suggested
    • TG: Laser training: Schedule some RSVP'ed TidyClub non-Mondays?
      • Some people have being coming along, needing help, but not taking to time to train themselves up
      • Big jobs should have a quasi-commercial premium, it's been happening on goodwill so far. More like $1/minute, not $0.10! Other prototyping places charge more
      • Big jobs will have to be interrupted if there's a queue
      • Be generous if you're doing commercial work

Safety Report

  • Safety Officer - DH, deputy?
    • Any Incidents?
      • Incident-free: 1 month!
        • OK, OK, a bandaid was required


  • Timbo, Helenzilla, MK?
  • Going OK? Need a hand?

Media and Propaganda/Promotions

  • SKoT, deputy Steven Reszegi, David O'Meara

IT Infrastructure Report

  • David, Nick, Timbo, Southen, Daniel, Brendan?

Infrastructure Report

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