• New fridge, thanks to MitchK!
    • Samsung SR216NME
    • at a rated 340kW·h/year and $0.2932/kW·h it could be $100/year to run instead of $250/year!
      • but our power bill is still a terrifying $600/month
    • the old fridge is outside, still good for occasional event use?
  • TradeIn program from 3D Printing Systems, pick a triage workspace location
  • ACTION: Southern, Davo, Nick: New LDAP on
  • ACTION: MitchK, auction Barco projectors on Ebay
    • WC would like to test a trailer projection, include an Artifactory advert
      • First bid $100 for one
    • Rent for a month
    • ACTION: TG will Ebay one
  • ACTION: BD: Organise a Chimney, we have permission from the owners for whirlybird, etc. installation
  • ACTION: JD: Publicise cashflow problems now
    • JM: Will draft for JD to distribute
  • ACTION: MitchK on Tue 20140513: $45/extinguisher care of Westside Fire Services, will email invoice, Anton
  • ACTION: SKoT: NAB form, new signatories?
  • ACTION: DO'M send Lotterywest a care package re: previous laser grant
    • No, we have not claimed our final $525 as of 2014-04-24, we can plead for a late reimbursement?
  • Present: JD NB DH ChrisHall JM BD
    • WC, TG
  • Apologies: SKoT Anton
  • Absent:
  • Opened: 12:14
  • Closed: 13:36
  • Next meeting: Sat 20140607-1200, 4 weeks
Status Accepted without dissent
Moved By JD
Seconded By DH
  • Instant Waste Bill (also arrives electronically)
  • No news
  • Safety incident last month
    • Deeply cut finger: One, requiring stitching
    • No procedural issues at fault
    • First aid kit stock needs to be maintained

Chairperson's Report

  • Journalism Students: they want in on 3D printing, will be back, possibly with friends to use our tools

Treasurer's Report

    • Last known bank balance: $2133.46 in bank
      • but $966 is sold welding tickets, allocated for the new welder
    • $795 cash to be banked
    • May's rent is not paid, need $3800 by end-of-month
    • $600 membership + $400 bond
    • Email coming
    • Last month net loss of $990
    • $1417 in insurance
  • Fundraising
    • DH claim for Customs agent fees for laser
      • Davo will send care package to Lotterywest
    • The Pozible plan, but we could easily overcommitt on rewards and time outlay
    • Memberships
      • 4 half-day memberships per month ~= concession membership
        • plus tool use
        • WC: Add a bridge to full membership
        • JM: We have had lot of 1-2 month members
          • Initial day membership usage to be encouraged

Membership Officer Report

    • Approval of New Members
      • Jenny Wyatt (bond paid, key issued)
      • Viet Nguyen
      • Daniel Macnish (key issued, bond pending - promised by Tuesday, will chase up)
Status Accepted without dissent
Moved By JD
Seconded By DH
  • Current Numbers: 33 full (3 new, 13 paid), 2 concession, 8 visitor members
    • Stable members ~30 members, so expect fu
    • Expected base membership income of X*$70 + Y*$40
    • ~$2350 have $2133, will have $4480

Events Officer Report

Status Accepted without dissent
Moved By DH
Seconded By WC
  • Laser Mondays
    • trainer/operator roster
  • Wednesday ArduinoU, Wine&Design, flight study group
    • 6 participants at the AUTONAVx first night, despite rain!
    • Facilities are potentially grantable, projectors etc
    • Helps member retention
  • Second Thursday Geek Haven
    • ACTION: JD: update Google calendar, there's a FB event
  • Thursday often have bands practicing too
  • UCC
    • Pi Case making?
    • Lot of RC clubs, steam trains, maker related. Encourage all ages

Infrastructure Report

  • I have FlameFab fire retardant that will enable curtains to pass muster
  • Last I read exit signs need to have running men not words to cater for non-English readers, iconographic
  • Can someone set up a log-in for me for the Artifactory wiki so I can read / edit Committee stuff there
  • Floodlights are controlled by RaspberryPi in entry area, needs tidying up, runs off solar
  • BD: More door keys have been generated
  • BD, DH: Office keys duplicate
    • ACTION: WC: Laser keys cutting, sell to operators
    • DH: Laser key pin-key $50 safe
    • Policy working well, but need a limbo table
      • By the front rollerdoor
      • WC: Turn trollery into acrylic rack
        • WC: Volunteers as area warden for carpark
        • This is the process to support the council requirements
        • No general storage
  • 3D Printing systems tradein offer
    • Incoming carcasses dropped straight into limbo with HACKME sign
  • SKoT requests that BBQ using people clean the BBQ and put the cover on it after use, especially as we head into the rainy season - it won't last long otherwise.
  • Uncovered meats in fridge are a health hazard, don't do it. Leftovers are not used in a timely fashion
  • WC: Policy: Cook all your food.
    • Do not “save it for later”, cooked or uncooked, in the fridge.
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