• Laser Cutter setup & funding progress
    • Laser cutter packagaing needs disposal or shifting out of carpark
  • New tool room progress
  • Space Usage by members
    • Fire safety - major fire exit route pathways blocked recently by B-street fest constructions
    • Post project cleaning - Space (+garden) must be left clean for others
    • Unreasonable floor space usage / sprawl - Space must be maintained as useful for entire membership.
    • PROPOSAL: Fine system after warning, particularly for fire safety infractions.
  • Clutter
    • Magpie-ism - long term “this might be useful” / “I'll get around to this one day”
    • Old (abandoned?) projects need removing / skipping
  • Meeting open: 12:30
  • Present: DanielH (Acting Chair) SkotM NickB TimG BrettD
  • Apologies: JasonM, WarrenC, AntonL
  • Absent: JennaD
  • Minutes last: Passed unanimously
  • Paid invoice: Project Engraving $80 paid
  • Rent invoice 20131201–31 : $3741.86 inc. GST
  • Laser materials: pay into box
  • QLD, Melbourne hackerspaces expressing unhappiness with Jaycar, Brett forwarded to Altronics head office, they may step in
  • Skot forwarded email regaing robot matches to committee
    • Brisbane hackerspace is involved in that - interstate tournaments?
  • Property report: Clutter!
    • Two skip empties laser week
    • Garden was clean at the start of the month! but full of foam and rubbish now. Street festival leftovers?
    • Main exit route has been blocked by large constructions
      • Fines? Penalties? Attitude Readjustment? $10/time period infringement
      • _and_ disposal!
      • Survey after meeting to Things To Dispose Of
      • Toolrom construction within a month
  • Chairperson report?
  • Vice Chair, DanielH: We have lasers!
  • Treasurer's report, by email:
    • Balance: $4626.38
      • December rent, $3741.86, not yet paid, will be transferred soon
      • PRD $300 bond - thought paid, not yet, will be transferred soon. Propose a further $300 repayment.
  • Treasurer's report from Jason: accepted!
Subject: Re: Agenda for Saturday 30th Committee Meeting
Date: Sat, 30 Nov 2013 10:11:15 +0800

Attached are some of the reports from the accounts in TidyClub. Some explanatory notes?
Income & Expenses Report -
Membership income includes AudioVault and during November they were playing catchup.
Only $1,576.14 was subscription membership.
Event income includes all monies from Fridge, Day Memberships / Donations (annoying
I know, I?m working on it) and net profit from Events.
Event expenses (mostly NoizeMachin) are being deducted from the cash, while we have
copies of most receipts, these expenses are not included in the expenses.
Waste expenses were high as there were previous invoices that weren?t paid.
Profit!!! $545.60
Money Owed/Due - $5,670 includes invoices issued for December - 1 AudioVault,
22 Full and 5 Concession, totalling $2,940
Detailed report (available from within TidyClub) shows 10 people owe for
Oct, Nov and now Dec.
Everyone who had invoices due for October and not paid was sent a reminder yesterday.
Reminders for November recalcitrants will go out Monday in case there was any last
minute transactions that haven't shown up in the account.
Never-Never repayment. Propose $300 be repaid, this month to Peter D. I'm being
conservative as in a few months we?ll be needed to find insurance monies.

Lapsing memberships. I will be enforcing the bond as membership buffer. Once
someone's bond doesn't cover outstanding memberships, the invoices and bond will be
cancelled and that member will have lapsed, requiring establishing themselves through
TidyClub. The first of these may happen end of January. I'll need some coordination
with the Gate Keeper (Brett) and maybe the Door V2 will be in place to automagically
achieve removing access for lapsed members. And I hope the TidyClub store is in place
so members can buy their bond through that.

Jason Income & Expenses Report01 November 2013 to 30 November 2013
Income - Total$5,594.04
Income - Membership$3,976.14
Income - Event$1,617.90
Expenses - Total$5,048.44
Expenses - Administration$445.27
Expenses - Rent$3,741.82
Expenses - Waste$430.10
Expenses - Internet$79.00
Expenses - Electricity$352.25
Net Profit$545.60
  • SKotM Swarfomat is working!
  • Brett, DanielH: Vinyl cutter working?
  • Daniel is reimbursing laser costs as they arrive: approved
  • Pay PRD $300 for his bond
  • Rent for December is paid
  • Membership office: TimG: Four new members popped up as visitors, ACTION: will email them
  • Brett: 3 new people arrived in the space last night! Every day for the last few days, half a dozen total!
  • No uptick in Tidyclub numbers to speak of yet
  • SKotM: New NM resident artist: ACTION: will get them a key
  • Promotions: Robofair@Curtin, done! Anecdotally successful, dual Artifactory and roving robot display
  • More photos please! to Facebook and social media
  • Infrastructure Tzar report, by email:
Subject: Fwd: Proxy etc.
Date: Sat, 30 Nov 2013 09:21:24 +0800

Based on the current agenda my voting preferences are : I'll support 
whatever fine (destruction of property / monetary amount / membership 
suspension) is required to keep the space maintained. I'm all for 1st 
warning - in the skip, 2nd warning - x week ban (no refund of dues) 3rd 
warning-  kicked from the big A. Laziness erodes the hard work of others.

Infrastructure Report - already covered but to reiterate - we have
laser, need to clean up after it, carpark needs a clean too, don't like 
the idea of filing cabinets. We need some spare drive belts for the 
lathe. Outside carpark needs proper lighting for security / safety. I 
suggest a LED flood light on a timer. Motion detectors suck as they 
always fail and they shorten lamp life. I can fit 2 x 150W LED floods 
(at cost) for ~$250. Barco projectors need to go (or at least go up on 
the roof or something). Is it my imagination or is a lot of laser 
cutting happing? Is this in contrast as to the discussed plan at the 
last meeting? Laser licensing status?

Action Item Report - Shed - We talked about getting a shed for the air 
compressor / dust extractor / external laser hardware to get it outside 
away from the main space (noise / space etc.) I looked at something 
around 3m x 3m x 2m tall - we don't want a pokey little thing that isn't 
practical to work / keep hardware in. Staggeringly they are $700 - 900 
in this size alone. Looked at ShedMan, Stratco and others. Will keep 

Cheers, Anton.
  • Infrastructure TODO's
    • Lasercutter being used in temporary setup, extraction works.
      • LSO: Deemed to be Class2, interlocked, can be operated by trained individuals without further supervision by LSO, no need to register
    • Not keen on filing cabinets
    • Shed: Require 2x2x2m to 3x3x2m for extraction
      • Brett, Daniel available for construction
      • Fundraising for plasma ccutting tools
      • Chillers inside, extractors outside in shed, only one air compressor required
      • ACTION: Daniel liase with Anton so no shed kit will be bought in the interim
    • Need new lathe belts
      • Brett: New cutters for the lathe: decent turning cutter, couple of drive belts - collect some funding: about $200
    • $250 Timer lights outside: Proposed, pending treasurer approval: Passed
    • Brett: Two short Door Version 1 outages this month: Door latch seized, plus software bug: memory leak!
    • Brett: new new drive card for the mill
  • Event report: NM $310 up, pays for PRD
  • ADUG: NickB: They're keen to come back, though watch out for NM clashes
    • NM tends to be last/second-last Tuesday of the month
  • ACTIONS past
  • New NAB form: outstanding
  • Port fees paid
  • Expedition to Bill's Machinery
    • Trailer required
    • Wangara
    • For a Fridge/catering gear
    • Fridge required now
    • ACTION: Daniel will liase, trip to Bill's
    • Skot keen on new fridge that Works, not too Loud
  • General business
    • Fines!
      • Pumping Station 1: (Chicago, USA) parking requests/tickets policy, all recorded on wiki with photos of tagged items
      • Tokyo hackerspace: boxes, Vortex of Doom box/crate system
      • Card labels, stick to item
      • Death row: Parking tickets, dispose of in a week
    • Lasercutters have been used A Lot
      • Materials funded by Daniel, being repaid as income comes in
        • We have markup but still very good prices compared to Masters, Bunnings, et al
        • Skot: Usage toll on Swarfomat
        • Brett: Brendan would like similar on the audio equipment, wear and tear from events is taking its toll.
          • 5% of takings? 5% of $150 will go towards to presentation area expenses
        • Skot: Don't want too much proliferation of items that are covered nominally by membership fees, power tool consumables versus Advanced Machines
          • Brett: Anything for which a component failure would result in an extended outage, such as ordering a new laser tube from China
    • New toolroom
      • Daniel: Design complete, Ross is completing load calculations, timeline: late January: commence construction
        • 3-4 days of actual construction
          • Students, Adam F is the supervising lecturer
          • Member assistance requested
        • Structured locker space on mezzanine edge
        • Steel construction, including C purlins
        • Some structural welding
    • Space usage by members:
      • Area hosts: Hall monitors, Zone Fuhrers
        • Brett electronics
        • TimG/Helenzilla: Kitchen
        • Daniel: Lasers area
        • Nick: CAD
        • SkotM: Stage
        • Further volunteers
      • Parking requests
      • Dated parking permits
      • Parking tickets
        • small personal items go to Lost&Found
        • General space → WUT zones → Limbo → gone!
        • Nick: Want a very low social barrier: No offense intended by low threshold ticketing. Everyone could get one now and then if they leave items out.
  • Upcoming events:
    • NM#30
    • Laser Monday this week
    • Arduino Uni wednesday
  • Next meeting: Saturday 20131228-1230
  • Closed 13:26
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