Committee Meeting 2013.11.02

  • Present: SKoT M (Acting Chair), Nick B (Sec), Jason M (Tres), Tim G, Anton L, WarrenC
  • Apologies: Brendan R, Daniel H
  • Absent: Jenna D
  • Location: Perth Artifactory
  • Opened: 12:22
  • Closed: 13:28
  • Next meeting: Saturday 2013-11-30-1200

MOTION: Acceptance of: committee_meeting_2013.09.21

Status Accepted
Moved By Tim G
Seconded By Anton L
  • Jason: Tidyclub had problem in their backend, causing delayed or missing invoices. This is now working.
    • Tidyclub should be able to take payments for us starting this week.
  • Skot: NAB correspondances, we will split GSPA and Artifactory accounts
    • Jason has NAB access, Skot off to Japan for two weeks
    • Current signatories: Skot, Jason, Daniel
      • → Tres, Deputy Treas, Pres. Need forms, ACTION: Jason can get those and collect a new set of signatories
    • Our account is 1 to sign
  • Stirling Council: SKoT: advertising period is now over, we can take down the sign
    • $250 (paid by AudioVault)
  • → back in their court to consider
  • APRA, representing composers/publishers, wants $27.50 per annum
  • Good APRA contact: Jose' Horn at Subiaco
  • Expect a call from: PPCA
    • based on performance, larger fees for larger or licensed venues
    • Will want a cut from: regular large gigs, regular liquor licensing
    • Background music, we're not a nightclub. We are not-for-profit


Chairpersons Report


Treasurer's Report

  • Cashflow positive
  • November rent is paid
  • $1157.19 in bank account
  • Expected expenses this month: $400 power, skip empties
    • TimG paid our outstanding Instant Waste bill from August: $113.30
  • Tidyclub report:
    • Total outstanding subscriptions owed to use for October and November: $5700
    • For October only: $1490
      • Concession: 3 * $40 = $120
      • Full: 19.5 (some extra credit) * $70 = $1370
      • plus AV
    • All current Concession/Full subscription members are actively paying, overdue ones had Visitor status. Visible at
      • 35 full = $2450
      • 6 concession = $240
      • 1 AV = $1200
      • → Expected subscription income: $3890/month
      • This is a drop from our $4300 expected June income, but we have kept most of our numbers, previously 4 associate concession, 13 associate, 5 concession, 21 full
  • Payback of debt: nevernever is mostly accurate
    • ACTION: Daniel's paid the laser port fees, etc; please record
    • ACTION: Brendan; please check
    • PRD is $2359 + bond
      • PRD will have priority on payment
      • ACTION: we will pay back his bond now for a start
  • Crowdfunding for toolroom/lasercutter, with solar stretch goals: is in addition to our baseline subscription income
  • New toys to be funded with new income
  • Existing debts to be paid with existing subscription income
    • Priority will be given to PRD, then other large debts

Membership Officers Report


Promotions Officers Report


Arts Liaison Officers Report


Infrastructure Officers Report



Past report

* NoizeMaschin!! #28 - Halloween Special!, raised $310 as reported by SKoT to the committee list on 2013-10-30 .

  • Decent turn out: 26 ticketted, 8 artists, 6 members, 1 or 2 that snuck through the door early on… ~40 in all.
  • Booze costs: $167: 1 cooper's pale carton, 1 rogers, 1 five seeds cider, 2 SSB whites.
  • Net stock movement: +1 carton (mostly cider), -3 bottles of red, +1 bottle of white. 4 bottle of water handed out (for ticket price, we should spot people water - looks good for RSA, and summer in artifactory is bonkers for dehydration)
  • Net boost to float after reimbursement of expenses: $310.

* ADUG: Australian Delphi Users Group, Tuesday 2013-11-19-1900 * ACTION: SKoT will check Audiovault's Google Calendar

  • Wedding soundsystem hire ahoy!
  • Fragile laser tube, installing it Monday, AdamF will be present
    • Then the key goes into the safe
  • Ongoing expenses: Depreciation of laser tube, whitelisted materials bank
  • Training sessions?
    • Hourly cost? Big and small
    • Can usage times be automatically logged, a la Mach3? how about UP's ?
  • We may need to register with the Radiological Council: $70, once off
  • A Laser Safety Officer should not have to be onsite during operation for this type of enclosed, interlocked device
  • Anton: undergoing LSO training, $220
    • Radiological Council: exam fee, $120, 2 year LSO renewal
  • ACTION Anton: Plan placement of external compressors, chillers outside the tool room window
    • Reuse our shed or buy a new one
Toolroom rebuild
  • Daniel posted the plans: tool_room_v2
  • ~$3000
  • Engineering report for council signoff
  • Stirling Council interactions do not directly affect the timing. In order to be assigned a building capacity number/rating we will need:
    1. Approval: Planning zoning approval for us to exist and operate (now waiting on the council for this step)
    2. Approval: Building compliance (we do not plan to be evaluated as is, this will be with the current toolroom demolished and incorporating the planned or completed new internal construction)
    3. Approval: Health compliance certificate
    • → not in the foreseeable future
  • One big fundathon. Stretch goals as we go.
    1. Laser fees and sundries
    2. solar_power - if we get this far, this will reduce our ongoing power costs
      • Expected cost: ~$7000
      • We still get the big rebates, they would pay for themselves in ~3 years
  • ACTION: SKoT handing over to Elena? Run Pozible campaign, set it up
  • Treasurer: Our campaign incentives have to be good value for us, timewise and moneywise

* Safe code: acquired for committee's access


ACTION: Garry C is researching a new fridge for us and will come back with a quote
MOTION: Pre-approved fridge budget: $800

Status Accepted
Moved By Nick B
Seconded By Jason M

Wanted for the space: Flammable Goods cabinet

  • ACTION: Jason to collect a new set of signatories on a NAB form
  • ACTION: Daniel's paid the laser port fees, etc; please record in nevernever
  • ACTION: Brendan; please check nevernever
  • ACTION: Jason: We will pay back PRD's bond now
  • ACTION: SKoT will check Audiovault's Google Calendar for clashes with ADUG, Tuesday 2013-11-19-1900
  • ACTION Anton: Plan placement of external compressors, chillers outside the tool room window
  • ACTION: SKoT handing over to Elena to run Pozible campaign
  • ACTION: Garry C is researching a new fridge for us and will come back with a quote
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