Committee Meeting 2013.09.21 (following AGM)

  • Appointment of roles
  • Present: Nick B, Daniel H, Skot M, Jenna D, Brett D, Peter D, Anton L, Steven Reszegi, Warren C, Tim G
  • Apologies: Jason M, Brendan R, Anton L
  • Location: Perth Artifactory
  • Meeting Opened: 14:50
  • Meeting Closed: 15:31

Motions template:

Status Accepted/Rejected

Appointment of roles: The 2013/4 Committee has just been elected in today's AGM, roles will be as follows:

Executive Committee:

  • Chair: Jenna Downing (JD)
  • Vice-Chair: Daniel Harmsworth (DH)
  • Treasurer: Jason Muirhead (JM)
  • Secretary: Nick Bannon (NB)


  • Deputy Secretary and Events Manager: SKoT McDonald (SM)
  • Deputy Treasurer and Membership Officer: Tim Gilchrist (TG)
  • OCM: Brett Downing (BD)
  • OCM and Infrastructure Subcomittee Tsar: Anton Lord (AL)
  • OCM: Warren Creemers (WC)
  • OCM: Brendan Ragan (BR)

Other appointed roles:

  • Quartermasters: Timbo and Helenzilla (TG & HG)
  • Media and Propaganda Officer: SKoT McDonald (SM)
  • Deputy Media and Propaganda Officer: Steven Reszegi (SR)
  • Safety Officer: Daniel Harmsworth (DH)

Chairpersons Report

Treasurers Report

Membership Officers Report

Promotions Officers Report

Arts Liaison Officers Report

Infrastructure Officers Report

Sub-Committee Reports

Past Events

  • ArtLab creative conference happened last Saturday 20130914

Jenna, Steve: Success! Inspired more potential members, events

  • NM last month
  • DrSketchy's August
  • Poetry Festival

Future Events

* Sizzle@Masters Home Improvement, Forrestdale

Sunday 20130929, 10am - 5pm
Warren volunteers, Daniel maybe
Require drinks&buns
buns: Steven & Warren know bakers
Golden Bakery
Subcommittee Nick, Warren, 
Budget: Approved: float from fridge

* Warren: Mathematical Group

* This Thursday 20130926: etextiles night: Jenna

* Geek Haven once a month: next is Thursday 20131012

The lasercutter's on its way - we've got 6 weeks:

Cleanup: Saturday 5th & 12th October
Warren: Volunteers will be in the initial training run
	training priority
SKoT second
Cleaning credits! redeemable for Lasercutter time
Busybees: Cleanup, replace toolroom
Welders required
Teardown/rebuild toolroom
Special attention to load ratings
Daniel will pass this onto a structural engineer: Ross Jarvis
Adam Fiannaca is a master welder
Hire trailer on Daniel's car for bulk disposal
	Treasurer report: $14K in bank, $1K earmarked for insurance, $11K to return to loaners
	=> $11000 grant arrived in account!
Red and black colours, ready to ship on Sep 26th, here in 6 weeks
Will need to pick it up from the Docks, Daniel will do the paperwork with Adam Fiannaca
Anton's liftback truck
Adam F will help us get it setup
Daniel H will reimburse the loans tonight, confirm the bank details

City of Stirling:

We will change to an "Unlisted use" use -> 
Chris Bashall: The notification sign?
	Ryan: Yes, the sign has been ordered
21 days advertising
starts 4 days after they are informed by SKoT by email/phone
then engineering checkout

Alternative/satellite spaces:

Myer building Freo rent is $1/m^2/month. work in public
Could be an Artifactory satellite base
or via Arcadia: BeaufortSt Festival workshop space

PRD, Skot: wants to downpay/cash out as it become possible

2013-07 income: $5700
2013-08 income: $4700

Solar panels:

SKoT has quotes: Upfront cost: ~$7500
$0.28 kWh rebate remains for not-for-profits?
Could halve our electricity bill! from ~$400 to ~$200/month
(Daytime use will vanish)

Warren: Build a model traintrack

ACTION: Nick call Jason re: Treasury and Tidyclub
ACTION: Daniel get Timbo,Warren onto committee list
ACTION: Daniel get Steven onto core list
ACTION: PRD: membership handover-> Timbo
ACTION: Treasurer: To do: pay SKoT's $837 bill: next month
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