• Location: Perth Artifactory
  • Meeting Opened: 13.25
  • Next Meeting: Saturday 2013-07-20-1300

Members present

  • Present: Nick, Skot, Daniel, Brett, Jenna, Brendan
  • Apologies: Anton, Peter

Previous minutes

  • Jenna moves to accept, Daniel seconds, accepted.
  • Correspondence
  • Reports
  • Events
  • Lease
  • Lotterywest
  • City of Stirling
  • General


  • Current rent/Tenant Tax invoice sent&dated 20130612
  Rent $2603.33 + Outgoings $575 + Mgt fee $156.20 + GST = $3667.98
  For the period 20130701-20130731 , due 20130701
  Plus 2012-13 variable outgoings shortfall $131.90, due now
  • Rent was $2603 excluding GST (=$2863 inc.), going up 80 up to: total $3698 per month including GST. Treasury believes that this can be handled without issue.
  • Skot proposes agendum for later: lease renewal.
  • Skot has heard from Geoff Wyber and Anthony at Lotterywest - both forwarded to committee, both useless. So much for the fast-tracking.
  • Lotterywest has gone through to the next stage.

Treasurer Report

  • Current Bank Account Balance: $ 2144.86
  • June rent paid
  • Synergy bill paid
  • $113.30 for the last skip bill
  • invoices went out today.
  • no anticipated problems with next month's rent.

Infrastructure Subcommittee


  • Flattened membership form. Announcement sent to list. Kicks in 1/7/2013
  • if there's anyone we need to chase for past bills, we need to reconcile that as we change the rates.
  • we would lose a little bit from people dropping to day rates. Should we go forward?
  • it makes sense and would encourage more activity..
  • security issue: grace period/sponsorship, tags on equipment.
  • requires notice in writing so that new members understand.
  • missing membership report
  • Meg Travers new member, now has Daniel's old key fob.
  • Brett raises idea for nominal fee for non-member friend-of-artifactory class… $100 social event membership..
  • can discuss that at AGM with as many members as possible.
  • We should do a financial report at the end of this month. If the membership officers peter/ daniel/skot need help, just ask? *ACTION.


  • NM & Industrial Night
  • gaming programming thing was great. They can do that whenever because we got snacks.
  • we've been approached to host the poetry festival again. Was well-recieved.
  • Artifactory has inherited 7 bins.. also cartons. Next noise maschin will have very little outgoings.
  • geek haven postponed for one week.


  • skot moves to accept the new lease conditions, Don walks in. All accept.


  • we've been put up and recommended, now begins the slow process of being ticked off by the Premier.

City of Stirling

  • Planning Approval Application Lodged 2nd May 2013. Stirling City now processing, Have had comms with Geoff Wyber who is leaving CoS.

Revitalising CNC machines

  • mills - we have a dead Mill, and an inoperative CNC Mill.
  • need to work out what bits we need. Cnc one needs mechanical bits, The regular mill needs a new driver, which Greg(reprap) has taken on.

Ongoing 3D printer issues

  • Lint-free cloth was not replaced when filament was changed, led to instant clogging.
  • heater block died. Brendan will get onto that after meeting. Get two. ACTION
  • Apparently the stepper motor has issues. The motor will fail after 45minutes.
  • email the guy we bought it from and ask for recommendations.
  • Do we have a certificate of incorporation? Yes. (Probably with SKoT, not Daniel) ACTION SKoT, scan it
  • Has anyone seen the QR code asset stickers? No?
  • get special DVI adapter for Anton's projector. ACTION BRENDAN
  • brendan suggests btsync as alternative to sparkleshare that keeps everything on the computers and distributes it rather than storing on the cloud. Let's check it out.
  • ACTION: Brendan: Start a Management Software System wiki page
  • not yet. Will make wiki after meeting
  • ACTION 70/40 flattened membership form. Nick sending announcement to list. Kicks in 1/7/2013
  • done.
  • Nick: get webinabox credentials from trent, also welcome back trent to artifactory membership
  • SKoT: Scan Certificate of Incorporation
  • Brendan: recover twitter account saying that our email has been hacked. So secure.
  • Brendan: Start a Management Software System wiki page.
  • Brendan: order parts for 3D printer, special DVI adapter for Anton's projector.
  • Daniel/Peter: Membership/financial report at the end of the month.
  • Agenda item for later: lease renewal.
  • check out BTsync as sparkleshare alternative.

Meeting Closed


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