Committee Meeting 2013.02.16

  • Opened: 13.45
  • Closed: 14.45
  • Next meeting: 16th March 13.00
  • Reports
  • Correspondence
  • Events
  • Projects
  • General
  • sparkleshare
  • lottery west
  • City of stirling
  • Ucc advertising
  • Newcastle festival mob
  • blazing swan
  • Noisemaschin
  • Dishwasher
  • new members (door mysteries)
  • Skip
  • Daniel, Jason (deputy chair), Skot, Peter D, Brendan, Brett, Jenna,
  • Apologies: Nick, Anton


Under agenda items

Chairpersons Report

no chairperson.

Treasurers Report

  • $3222.71 in the account. We are paid up until March. Insurance due next month. Treading water.

Membership Officers Report

  • Newer entries don't have bond marked against them, it will be in the service history.
  • Verified that citrus invoices were correct.
  • 6 people over by 3 months
  • Not sure if we are able to generate a list of members (eg for noisemashin door tickets)

Events Officers Report

  • Geek haven - 2 non-members paid casual, many ladies utilising the space!
  • Last Noisemaschin!! good turnover - around $600
  • Next Noisemaschin!! on the 28th… or nearest Tuesday

Arts Liaison Officers Report

  • Email from Steven Dickie (will have residency at fremantle arts centre in the next few months) re collaboration with artifactory - Jenna to share the emails with Skot and Sam G.
  • Skot: Reachout received from Newcastle non-festival bunch… no money

Infrastructure Officers Report

  • Door is online, 5 cards on the door when brett went away, 3 have been reconciled, one has not been used, the other is probably Nathan.

lottery west

  • Committee received writeup that Skot did, eg recovery of costs, free community training etc
  • Daniel trying to convince GNU cash to produce numbers that we like that don't make us look like we're making a loss. Will resort to manual treasurer’s report.
  • We are paying the GST component, that looks good.

City of Stirling

  • Skot spoke with Chris AV who was under the impression that Anton was handling something.. Chris will contact again and report back with what we should be doing.
  • Skot has been meaning to speak with the arts officer who got the men's shed up and running.

UCC advertising

  • Use the last one that Brendan made, clean up the text, go with it.
  • Jenna look at wiki and drop box, suggest edits and stuff.

Blazing Swan

  • Burning man crew have been meeting here, $150 in drinks etc last time.. second meeting didn't go so well for the space because of no one explaining the donations and drinks properly.. mainly because of one person.
  • Their agm will have to be here.
  • Skot to clarify usage fees with them


  • worth it?? Could go either way!
  • Peter D talked to Peter Hanay.. looks like it's under control
  • Brendan wary of some activity of their website.
  • If it's like hope or ccc, then AMAZING
  • but also Brett and Jenna have come back with unpleasant stories from Canberra hackerspace..
  • Peter D will check it out.

Possible event

  • Peter D was contacted by someone into open source software, may want to hold a talk, will sort out usage fees, could make up money on the bar. Sounds perfectly relevant.


  • Working! Sort of.. babysit it! Could possibly get stuck on the heating cycle, boil its contents. Washing machine next!


  • No proper coffee machine! Nothing that makes us look like we should have a good kitchen. Skot please let that guy down.
  • Alternative: assemble a fleet of bicycles and hook up with the local coffee shops! Possibly offer lasercutting etc


  • Anton needs to be paid for the amp before we start buying more things
  • Steeple fund to get the sound system up to scratch..
  • Maintenence requires money in the system.. Brendan says wait,
  • Skot says capitalise now to bring the members now so that we will have money later.
  • Jason says put the steeple fund in front of the people who come in and enjoy the sound system that we have.


  • Skot spoke to instant waste, they will monitor the weight.

We should be aware that heavy stuff can hurt our moneys.


  • Long-term equipment storage outside AV office needs to be addressed.

membership fee structure

  • Condense to 2 levels, push the casual payments for students.
  • Many other spaces have a probationary period.
  • Worth considering as we introduce laser cutter.
  • City of Stirling: Skot has been meaning to speak with the arts officer who got the men's shed up and running.
  • Steven Dickie: Jenna to share the emails with Skot and Sam G.
  • UCC: Jenna look at wiki and drop box, suggest edits and stuff.
  • Blazing Swan: Skot to clarify usage fees with them before their AGM.
  • WAhackon: Peter D will test the water.
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