• Date: 19/01/12
  • Location: Perth Artifactory
  • Meeting Opened: 13.30

Members present

  • Present: Skot, Jenna, Brendan, Nick
  • Apologies: Daniel, Brett, Anton ..Jason??
  • Chris and John observing, co-opted incase we need quorum

Previous minutes


  • Reports
  • Correspondence
  • Events
  • Projects
  • General
  • sparkleshare
  • insurance… Genghis con got a sausage sizzle at Bunnings ..

Treasurer Report

  • No treasurer?
  • lottery west - Anthony is our contact, Skot handling that one.

Infrastructure Subcommittee

  • No Anton or Brett
  • Zoning/building licence - Chris B chasing them up every so often, ping Chris and ask.
  • Skot call them and ask can we pleaser some events to keep us ticking over while you're wasting time making a decision? Help solve this problem for other hackerspaces..
  • John P see if men's sheds solved their zoning problems
  • Great praise for Chris for doing an amazing job cleaning up/organising the tool room and corner.. can find things and they have homes!!


  • Instant waste management want us to pay more! Up from $20 to $79
  • Skot to call them and ask how they worked out their average and can we please know our history? we're among the heaviest users apparently
  • last year we spent 759.11 on bin.. some of that is rental. About 20 lifts per year. Brendan: we can eat that price increase. Still the cheapest disposal around
  • Spirit events are going to drop by sometime (new years event) more props jobs!!


  • ArduinoU and Geek Haven plugging along
  • Burning man meeting here tomorrow
  • Noise maschin!! 29th Jan
  • GSPA Dr Sketchy’s 30th Jan
  • TedX December 2012
  • RoboFair December 2012
  • printers in the carpark.. Anton?
  • review old wiki system
  • wiki account for John P
  • Secretary get sparkleshare key

Next Meeting

16 feb 2013 1pm

Meeting Closed


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