• Date: 01/12/12
  • Location: Perth Artifactory
  • Meeting Opened: 13:50

Members present

  • Present: Nick B, Daniel H, Jenna D, Brendan R, Skot, Anton, Brett
  • Apologies: Chris Bashall, Peter D, Jason M

Previous minutes


Treasurer Report

  • over $1000 - apologies, missed the actual amount
  • December’s rent paid in November
  • Jason taking over treasury while Daniel is away - until Feb
  • 2 new members, one of which paid a year up front


  • Anton has called Bunnings - unsuccessfully - regarding sausage sizzles, Nick will also chase them up.
  • Guy who runs Space Cubed visited a couple of weeks ago - they got 200,000(!!) from Lottery West and 20,000 from City of Perth.. They are looking to open branch offices in other suburbs, are interested in having a hardware component, tickles Skot’s Imperial ambitions, Anton has good solid history with them. They are apparently backed by a large construction company.
  • We should try contacting the Wangara hackerspace again, see if they could use any assistance..

Lottery West grant

  • We should know by mid-late Jan if we have the money.
  • We should go for fundraising anyway - gives us options.
  • Daniel will discuss specs and details with Skot and interested parties.

Infrastructure Subcommittee

  • Bin mysteriously caught fire. Everything above board.
  • Our health and safety situation has blown up to a zoning issue. Unlikely to have a negative outcome - but we shall hold off building things that we couldn’t take with us (incl. extraction shed)
  • They need to be reminded that this is a very important issue for us!!

Audio Vault

  • No updates on the license, chasing up again on Monday.


  • Wed 5th ArduinoU
  • TedX Sat 8th and…
  • RoboFair 9th zero prep so far.. Skot, Jason, Daniel will make noise on the list and get volunteers.
  • O-Days! Possibly not worth it - students too busy, no transport. Just hit up individual clubs. Kitty and Jenna to try to contact RoboGals again (apparently very difficult)
  • Organise an Artifactory open day in March just after the O-days, offer FIRST VISIT FREE - BRING THIS VOUCHER
  • Weekend of March 16th
  • Good NoiseMaschin!! Attendence has dedicated FB group
  • Ask Kitty or whoever to do up little reports for this section of minutes.. 3 people paid, one had never been before.
  • Daniel and Brett: New music server running MPD, run by RPi. Will be able to make sure all the amps turn on correctly etc.
  • Brett: Longtail/Lottery West Giant Wordplay Scratchy. Arduino Pro Mini. Great success. No major hardware failures three days running.
  • Printers in the car park: Brendan seeing to their demolition. Demolition party Wednesday
  • Garry brought LONG cat5 to wire up our internets!
  • (care package all done for Stirling Council)
  • (Bunnings been approached)
  • (fire extinguishers: tested! Anton will recharge)
  • Secretary would need real laptop to access sparkleshare
  • (Daniel, Brett, Jenna working on metal/welding workshops with Adam.. Ongoing into next year)
  • James Shields has not picked up his buy-one-get-one desktop and green bag
  • Jenna and Kitty to see if they can contact RoboGals
  • Proposed events: - Free-soldering (Nathan Thompson) - Circuit design CAD

Next Meeting

1pm 19/01/13 (advance apologies: Daniel, Brett, Anton)

Meeting Closed


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