Date: Saturday 2012-10-06
Location: Perth Artifactory
Meeting Opened: 12:30

Members present and observing

Present: SKoT McDonald, Anton Lord, Nick Bannon, Peter Dreisiger, Brett Downing, Daniel Harmsworth, Jason Muirhead

Observing: Mel, Garry Carroll

Apologies: Jenna Downing, Brendan Ragan

Acting Secretary: SKoT

Previous minutes

Some corrections to positions. Jason is Dept Chair, Peter is Membership officer. Proposed by: Daniel, 2nd: Jason, Carried without dissent.

Treasury report

In reasonable position. Bank balance is $4052 this morning, paid rent and is now $406 - earliest we have paid rent in the month for a while. Skip expected to be $100, electricity $250. Treasurer would love a big Rapture.

Membership report

24 in arrears, 4-5 more than 3 months behind. PD. Garry and Mel, Michael o'sunglasses still needs to pay, David Fry's form needs to be found. New membership form / documents area needs to be formalized - front office desk, box on top.

Events subcommittee

* Ran NoiseMaschin

* Cryptoparty - 35+ plus! 27-28 non members. Likely to hold here again, maybe (late Nov). Talk nights - gold coin donation. Workshops could be free.? Sets a weird precedent - free nights will be wanted by many groups… Need different costs depending on level of space exclusivity

* Treasurer says: good for funding grants to throw a freebie every now and again.

* Red Flag LAN committee

* 2 AVE events


* Doug has volunteered Arduino U on 24th

Infrastructure subcommittee

* all forms (Form 5 and now Form 2) done and signed - Anton will drop forms in on Monday

* Sub woofer - most likely to be amp going DC.

* Anton has been away last 3 weeks - apologies.

* Screen up (SKoT)

* Courtyard plan - much chatter on list - getting shed? Slabs? Will need major truck for slabs. 6 people with racks, wheelbarrows, compactors - do in a weekend. Drainage must be kept in mind, Compressor shed. 100 old school slabs will weigh 4.5 Tonnes!

* Daniel will talk to czar about pnuematics

* We'll keep eye out for 3×3 shed.

* Video projector coming this week.

* Brett is working on gantry crane & shark

* Royal Show: Blacksmithing & Woodturning assoc got a lot of visitors, selling trinkets, making a large project. Can we do similar, or ride in? More sausage sizzling talk - non-core activity again… would any members want to do it.



* A school contacted us for 3D printing demo - Jenna enthused at them

* Daniel trying to chase Lotterywest, no response yet.

* DONE Skot will start wrangling organisers to decide on dates (esp Arduino events), perhaps put up a year planner above the bar

  • Arduino TAFE with DougB upcoming on Wednesday 2012-10-24
  • Christian '@xntrik' Frichot, Peter D like the idea of another CryptoParty, maybe late November 2012

* DONE Daniel make sure committee gets all the committee stuff (wiki permissions etc)

  • Committee email lists updated.

* DONE Jenna send a link out with minutes to core so that the general membership can actually read them

* DONE infrastructure sub-committee

  • Lighting rig, Stage lights - SKoT hung RGB LEDs.

* DONE Skot to get the window cad machines all set up (Vcarve, visual studio, blender, $99 Alibra? putty) ready for running CAD/CAM classes

  • rolled out new Core2 windows boxes. yay

* ACTION Anton's had all forms (Form 5 and now Form 2) done and signed - Anton will drop forms in on Monday 2012-10-08

* ACTION Nick, Anton to visit Bunnings and write a letter to head office

  • Nick and Anton, Anton has a contact in Bunnings and Masters to lean on. Can we be a Bunnings category of “Sporting Association” - robot deathmatch?
  • Will apply take first available weekend slots.

* ACTION infrastructure sub-committee

  • Anton has wholesale bass bin source - action item, skot to buy next sub. Driver is only $100 less than whole new unit.
  • Washing machine, dishwasher
  • Backyard plan, busybee in progress today
  • Gantry crane with guard shark

* ACTION Anton: Fire Extinguishers: Anton has a fire extinguisher company willing to inspect / check for prob $100.

* ACTION Daniel to chase up Lotterywest

  • Three emails sent in the past month, no response from them yet

* ACTION Daniel and Jenna and Brett and Anton to work with Adam (TAFE) on a fabrication workshop for creatives

* ACTION Daniel & Nick to look at build linux image for old dells, Monday 2012-10-15 and more

Next Meeting: November 3rd 2012, Saturday 11am.
Meeting Closed: 13:23

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