Committee Meeting 2012.07.25

  • Action: perhaps we could draw out “I haven't joined up because…”; “I've joined but distance, price, …” via polls on Facebook
  • Action: JM to draft an email to -committee outlining 'rewards' structures prior to forwarding on to -core
  • Action: JM to look at iiNet application and current prospectus
  • Action: BR will hack CitrusDB to support current/lagging/frozen membership; also who is ahead and by how much
  • Jason Muirhead (JM)
  • Daniel Harmsworth (DH)
  • Peter Dreisiger (PD)
  • Anton Lord (AL)
  • Simon Kirkby (SK)
  • Opened: 19:30
  • Closed: 20:30
  • Next meeting: 11am, 25 August
Status Accepted/Rejected
Moved By Peter Dreisiger
Seconded By Jason Muirhead
  1. Minimal official communication with City of Stirling — turns out they do have the floor plans
  2. Backyard Project have held two events and look to make it a regular event. AVE are sponsoring, paying us $150/night, and are stocking and running the bar under their cultural event licence exclusion
  1. Public space licence is still pending a suitable electrician. AL has spoken to nine electricians, but have had problems with some of them turning up or providing quotes. Currently looking at a quote of $900. Have also received advice on smoke detectors from a friendly electrician — we can probably get away with battery powered smoke detectors and isolate the one closest to the stage during shows
    1. Proposal: approve the $900 spend re: inspection. Skot moves, SK seconds

Chairpersons Report

  1. DH likes HOPE and US hackerspaces
  2. Still waiting to hear back from Lottery West, but we're within the expected timeline

Treasurers Report

  1. We have paid all of this month's bills (!!)
  2. Currently have $280 in the bank and $310 on site
  3. Owe Remeda ~$200 for our annual membership
  4. Once our liquor licence comes through, we may even become (consistently) cash-flow positive
  5. Our policy on the repayment of never-never funds (balancing outstanding with acute present) was discussed — Jason's earlier proposal was discussed

Event Officers Report

  1. AVE have run two Backyard Projects at $150 a pop
  2. We had our first private (birthday) party here, also at $150
  3. Noizemaschin #13 looking to be a big one
  4. Noizemaschin #14 in August, interest through to at least November
  5. Local poetry night on August 18 mooted for the Artifactory
  6. ICMF in 2014 (see Skot's email)
  7. Doug Bateman is keen to run with the ArduinoU
  8. The last Geek Haven had 11 people (including eight non-members)
  9. Discussions
    1. Should we get a larger/proper/compliant first aid kit? (A St Johns one [which simplifies restocking] or a custom one)
    2. The blurry line between the spirit of the Artifactory as a hacker-/maker-space, an experimental music events venue and a party/entertainment space was discussed
      1. it was made explicit that there haven't been any problems, but it's something that we should watch and reflect on from time to time

Membership Officers Report

  1. since last meeting, we've had two new associate members and one full members
  2. new members approved

Infrastructure Officers Report

  1. RFID box system currently working but in 'feature freeze' pending tweaking
  2. Swarfomat is back, Mildred is almost functional (pending some tweaking)
  3. Internet access: Vivid Wireless test was successful, much faster than our current ADSL1 plan (which is not going to improve in the next
    1. Proposal: sign up for a two-year unlimited plan with Vivid Wireless. Moved by SM, seconded by NB. Passed
  1. DH's work has asked if they can borrow our Up! 3D printer for two days in exchange for more filament and access to their laser cutter. Proposal to be put to -core
  2. SM is coordinating more upgrades on the stage and space decorations
  3. AL reports that we have a projector lined up for the space
  1. to be held on Saturday the 12pm, 8th of September 2012
  2. details to be discussed at the next committee meeting
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