Committee Meeting 2012.06.02

  • Nick Bannon (NB)
  • Peter Dreisiger (PD)
  • Daniel Harmsworth (DH)
  • Anton Lord (AL)
  • Jason Muirhead (JM)
  • Brendan Regan (BR)
  • Opened: 11:30
  • Closed: 12:15
Status Accepted/Rejected
  • AL: correspondence from City of Stirling — all they want are architectural plans and sign-off from an electricial
  • DH: initial submission to LotteryWest; expect to hear from them in about four months
  • JM: the usual rental reminders
  • large effort on Wednesday to create a floor plan
  • new CAD room is getting a fair bit of use
  • phone lines: we have two — one for our DSL which terminates in the office, the other which was used for Anthony's fax service

Chairpersons Report

  • space, arrangement and atmosphere has improved since we've taken over, and re-organised, the whole space
  • we've even had a few 3am hacking sessions

Treasurers Report

  • for this month we have $3,575 worth of invoices ($2,775 for memberships plus $800 for the front office), plus $100 in fridge monies
  • we are still quite close to the boundary of being able to pay rent of $3,580

Events Officers Report

  • From Skot's email, NoizeMaschin did reasonably well, considering
  • AL mentioned the possibility of getting cheaper liquor once our licence comes through

Membership Officers Report

  • JM: we should find out what non- and ex-members think about the revised price point
  • PD: we could also offer a 'friends-of' membership, to be listed on the website and wiki
  • also the idea of providing credits to members for bringing in new members that remain for, say, at least three months
  • Action: perhaps we could draw out “I haven't joined up because…”; “I've joined but distance, price, …” via polls on Facebook
  • Action: JM to draft an email to -committee outlining 'rewards' structures prior to forwarding on to -core

Infrastructure Officers Report

  • RFID system works
  • Pricing has been sent through for the machine room — works are not essential unless we fit insulation, but recommendation is to proceed with basic works
  • Key holders as of the today: Daniel, Skot, Jason, Peter and Anton; keys to be used only in emergencies
  • Internet access
    • BR reports that we do have one line that goes directly to the exchange; not sure if we're currently using the direct line or the one that goes through an intermediate exchange
    • Action: JM to look at iiNet application and current prospectus
  • Network server and hardware shifted to the front office
  • ESXi server in the process of being replaced with a Xen-based one, initially to be kept in the CAD room while it's being worked on
    • membership and financial databases have already been prepared for migration
  • BR will hack CitrusDB to support current/lagging/frozen membership; also who is ahead and by how much
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