Committee Meeting 2012.04.28

  • Jason Muirhead (JM)
  • Anton Lord (AL)
  • Peter Dreisiger (PD)
  • Brendan Ragan (BR)
  • Nick Bannon (NB)
  • Opened: 11:25
  • Closed: 12:25
  • Next meeting: TBC
  • Have received signed lease assignment
  • Received our first electricity bills ($7.50 per day)
  • Public building safety regulations issues still open: Anton, Jason and Skot to try for an initial meeting with City of Stirling
    • not enough to say that we haven't made any changes to the electrics — need an electrician to inspect and sign off that we meet public safety regulations
    • current situation: we've had enough Rapture/Noizemachins to get noticed
    • requirements: we can't get another liquor licence until we get a maximum-capacity ratings which we can't get until we get sign-off by an electrician
    • plans ahead: let them know that we want to comply but we're going through a bunch of changes: we're going to move equipment into machine room, chase up electrics — need working groups to help with the moving of equipment, chasing up of certification
    • factors affecting the maximum number is related to (a) square meterage, (b) the number of toilets, © the number and size of exits
  • Junk remaining

Chairpersons Report

  • N/A

Treasurers Report

  • paid all of the rent until the end of April
  • we have $740 in the bank, $525 power bill
  • in May, we need $3,600 to pay for rent and we don't have a Rapture coming; membership dues (including sub-letting dues) come to $3,000
  • details of change in currency of dues will be sent out soon

Events Report

  • no more Raptures or NoizeMaschins until we get our liquor licence/public safety licence
  • discussion of inclusivity/embracing of visitors/new comers versus more structured and/or regular themed nights
  • how to improve things or make events and running of events more sustainable
    • getting people to commit to running events, especially in person
    • banquet to bring people (and partners/friends) together to get to know each other and lead to more organic discussions — action: Anton to coordinate, Nick, Peter and Brandan offered to help organise the banquet

Membership Officers Report

  • New members: Amanda Worth, Michael Ludwig; Harry upgrading from concession associate to full shortly
  • Leaving members: Renae Cole
  • Committee accepts membership register as it stands

Infrastructure Officers Report

  • we have a tool room
    • it's problematic however, as it has limited power (just two GPOs)
    • from a dust-supression point of view, it's great, from a noise-reduction point of view, it needs major insulation work (and the ceiling needs some reinforcement)
  • we need a busy-bee to improve the space: Action: Anton to send out an email announcing some busy bees
  • Tool room has been cleared out and handed over
  • Anthony has until Monday the 30th to hand over the office — if he doesn't, we will pack up his office for him
  • Anthony had requested to speak to Skot a week ago(?), unsure if he has
  • A/V has signed an agreement to take on the Anthony's ex-office
  • Re: Paul's car, he has been asked to remove his car months ago — propose we given him until the 14th of May to photograph and remove the vehicle, otherwise we will consider it dumped
    • all in favour, Anton to notify Paul
  • Space audit to follow meeting
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