Committee Meeting 2012.03.03

  • Daniel Harmsworth (DH)
  • Jason Muirhead (JM)
  • Peter Dreisiger (PD)
  • Brenden Ragan (BR)
  • Nick Bannon (NB)
  • Anton Lord (AL)
  • Opened: 10:40
  • Closed: 11:30
  • Next meeting: TBC
Status Accepted/Rejected
Moved By Brenden Ragan
Seconded By Nick Bannon
  • Personal communications with George (the landlord) and Don (the owner's son) wanting us to settle this asap
  • Letter from Synergy — responsible for power from the 25th of January
  • Also emails sent to -committee
  • Seems surprisingly clean. Huzzah!

Chairpersons Report

  • Grant applications on-going. Thanks to Skot for putting templates up on the wiki. Propose final review of Lotterywest application this coming Monday

Treasurers Report

  • See emails
  • Assuming a typical month, we're alright
  • However, under new arrangements, we'll have a $660/month deficit, but SS's office will add $450/month to it; see below.

Events Report

  • Rapture: 7 members, 24 non-members
  • NoizeMaschin: only had about 35 people show up out of the 140 people who had expressed interest via Facebook. Discussions about price-point for entry to get more people in, consensus was that $10 is a very reasonable price, maybe we just need to advertise more on campus, etc.
  • Arduino U: discussions on Skot's Midi course notes, also offer of a topic from an Arduino U non-member (EPROM programmer); need to have more 'lab instructors' for future/broader sessions

Membership Officers Report

  • Committee accepts membership register as it stands
  • Request for a report (in CitrusDB) that can show who the current financial members are

Infrastructure Officers Report

  • We have infrastructure, but work has been suspended pending lease take-over


  • Chattel Purchase
    • JM liked Skot's suggestion of 10 months of rent up-front on the middle office (for budget recording studio) at $500/month plus ongoing membership of $500/month for their existing office. Skot to follow up with AV.
    • Apparently there has been some confusion/miscommunication re: lease status with AudioVault. PD proposed the reintroduction of the co-tennants meeting, BR seconded. Time to be confirmed.
    • SquirtzShirtz rental: Anthony yet to respond to JM's email re: $450/month for office plus $450/month for storage area, backdated to 11-Dec-2011. JM to follow up on Tuesday.
    • Anthony currently owes $2.5k+; as there is no contract between Anthony and Andrew – much less us – we really need to sort his debt and our ongoing arrangements out asap
  • Longer-term property
    • commercial prices will kill us
    • Pepper-corn leases: DH has started talking to the City of Fremantle
    • Ongoing grant for rent: Department of Commerce for Innovation and Tech funding
    • Look at what membership would cost if rent went away (e.g. if we were gifted a space)
    • Outside of rent, we're paying $250/month on electricity, then insurance, then Internet access
    • BR suggests we sort out chattel and put an offer back to -core, but that we also start impressing upon the membership that we really need to plan beyond the 18 months, and we really need to stand up a sub-committee to actively pursue options
  • Events:
    • JM suggested was raised for more Open Days that might focus on specific skills
    • AL suggested we also have more, simpler and cheaper training events to get more people in and raise more money
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