Committee Meeting 2012.02.04

  • Daniel Harmsworth (DH)
  • Peter Dreisiger (PD)
  • SKoT McDonald (SM)
  • Jason Muirhead (JM)
  • Nick Bannon (NB)
  • Brendan Ragan (BR)
  • Anton Lord (AL)
  • Opened: 11:10
  • Closed: 12:20
  • Next meeting: 18th Feb 2012
  • PD to prepare space-hunting your-space-needs-you email to -core
  • SM to prepare the same for events
  1. Previous minutes accepted: Motioned by SKoT, seconded by Jason
  2. Correspondence
    1. SM: Message from Professionals informing us that they haven't received rent for two months – Andrew Wheatley (AW) still not informed them; JM and George have also both tried to contact AW
    2. ?: contact from person re: storing of container in the car park – was sent to -core and brief; JM
    3. Alison at Scitech: request to do stall at their school day – DH has agreed to help
    4. DH: Request from WBAI for Artifactory stickers/paraphernalia
    5. several members given notice of termination of membership
  3. Property Report
    1. RFID door access to be implemented by DH and BD
    2. JM has approached Anthony several times re: the tool area and ongoing discussions – been told Anthony's too busy to talk and will get back to us but hasn't
    3. leak after storm has disabled one set of fluros (above social area)
    4. Lease
    5. Space Inspection
  4. Officer Reports
    1. Chairpersons Report
      1. interesting discussions with other space re: how they are organised and events are run
      2. advice from spaces that are not on commercial leases (or rather are on short-term leases): don't
      3. coming out of LCA and other, was discussion of starting an open
    2. Treasurers Report
      1. $12,013 in bank, rent to end of January $6,060 + $6,000 bond
      2. monthly membership dues: $2500 (inc $600 from AudioVault): new total rent: 3585 – even with events, we still won't be even one month ahead
      3. going forward: insurance is cheaper (unnecessary options removed), up to $1500
      4. come August 2013 (when lease ends), will likely expect +15% rent plus +10% management fees – on the order of $5000–$6000 more per year
      5. currently very dependent on events, dangers of event organisers' burnout and/or missed nights affecting viability
      6. discussion about need to explore and approach other spaces and start planning for future needs
      7. SM and PD suggest need to stand up a space/council-approaching sub-committee – AL knows people who have been leasing vast amounts of space in Osborne Park and who might be interested in sub-letting workshop spaces
    3. Infrastructure Officers Report
      1. delighted that Andrew's 4WD and boards are gone
      2. ongoing desire for racking; issues of large items/pallets/parking lots raised on-list several times
      3. specifically Paul's car – SM had emailed him before leaving for Korea; Paul queried if it could remain here and/or be moved out the back – committee said no
      4. temperature – convection cooling is fine but requires airflow, but feels that heat hasn't been a huge deterrent to the membership
  5. Membership
    1. Accept new members: SM and PD moves and seconds that everyone on the current membership list is accepted as members
    2. Apologies to Danielle and Kai: various people have spoken to them about this issue
  6. Events
    1. the next three coming NM (Feb 28) have been booked: Chris Percival (member) and Griffin Jayco (non-member) to organise Rapture with BR to vet; discussion of liquor licensing to be sorted out by CP and GJ, monitored by BR and SM
    2. Themed Nights: each event needs to have one or two dedicated people
      1. SM: suggested alternating Wednesdays for make-a-swarfomat night
      2. DH: rocket building night (?)
      3. PD: potential crafternoon if we get certain new members
      4. need to cull calendar of unsupported events and/or seek active champion(s) for each event — all agreed to clearing out calendar
    3. Open Day/Tool training day
      1. just after university O'Days – early March, details TBD
      2. nothing from Perth Innovation Month(?), sometime in early April
  7. Grants
    1. Lottery West: DH in process of writing application; Jenna Downing provided some arts justification, DH on education/science aspects; DH chasing up quotes and referees – suspected success very high, expected time-frame 6–7 months; also need to co-contribute
    2. SM to prepare prospectus with help from AL
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