Committee Meeting 2011.12.21

  • Special meeting regarding property
  • Daniel Harmsworth (DH)
  • Peter Dreisiger (PD)
  • SKoT McDonald (SM)
  • Jason Muirhead (JM)
  • Nick Bannon (NB)
  • Brendan Ragan (BR)
  • Opened: 19:10
  • Closed: 20:33
  • Next meeting: TBA
  1. Previous minutes accepted: Motioned by Jason, seconded by Brendan
  2. Correspondence
    1. Informed sub-property managers about the changes in lease arrangements
    2. Property holder keen to commence new lease asap
    3. Scitech/City of Perth correspondence
      1. Northbridge Piazza
      2. offer to build/design projects
      3. offer of month-long exhibition space
    4. from Lotteries West (informal visit)
  3. Property Report
    1. new storage racks on wheels
    2. front office
      1. shared secure server room/storage for Laser Cutter (due to dust issues)
    3. A/C leak into rooms temporarily fixed by Daniel and Audio Vault people
    4. Daniel and Brett have basically completed a server-linked RFID entry control system; likely not to be installed until after the lease is finalised and they are back in town re: teething problems
    5. Re: Anthony's enclosed area: no news
  4. Officer Reports
    1. Chairpersons
      1. very successful events; future events bookings, more activity = good, need more cleaning (esp. electronics area)
      2. space usability issues: greater need to keep projects mobile/movable, particularly in the central area
    2. Treasurer
      1. Current state:
        1. cash-on-hand: $8400 in bank + $650 cash
        2. income: membership last month $3000, month-to-date $2000; events $100 last month, month-to-date $1000
        3. expenses: $3250 rent, iiNet $85, Instant waste $80, insurance $200
        4. liabilities: bonds paid $6500, never never $6700, paid in advance ~$7500 (unsure due to lack of CitrusDB reporting)
      2. Bank Guarantee: essentially a monitored savings account where leasor is notified if the balance drops
      3. rent from the 10th of December currently unpaid
      4. going forward: $3000/mo membership, $1000/mo events — viable = good
      5. Jason wanting to rationalise insurance, reduce from $200 to $100 (e.g. by removing machinery repair insurance, etc.) – broad business insurance package
        1. PD raised issue of committee liability insurance: BR said our public liability insurance will cover damages, etc., but not associated legal costs which would currently be borne by committee
        2. also issue of theft: general broad insurance, insurance for specific items, self-insurance
      6. paying back never-nevers: 50/50% split old-to-new, oldest first, being repaid as advance members dues; also, monthly surplus could then be allocated/approved to new acquisitions
    3. Events
      1. Rapture, NoizeMaschin both had 60+ people
      2. Rapture: minor security issues, but people were asked to leave; also graffiti. minor injury to fire twirler, suggestion to have a crowd monitor
      3. Skot has RSA, also Rapture, NM both had extraordinary liquor licence
      4. Inaugural Pawpaw awards
      5. Next NM on 17th, Rapture on the 27th
      6. Arduino University to resume (likely w/o Brett and Daniel)
  5. Lease
    1. Still trying to organise meeting with George
    2. JM still waiting to hear back from Andrew
    3. SquirtzShirtz still not listed as a subtennant; wants a written agreement, propose treating him like AudioVault (membership plus space and utilities levies)
    4. JM's negotiations with George → he's happy with a $6000 bond down from 3 months
    5. Superlease: Skot has original lease
    6. For first month we need ~$3600 + $6000 bond
    7. JM will organise signing meeting for Friday morning
  6. General Business
    1. Josef has talked to some high school teachers re: Arduino classes in and out of schools
    2. Abandoned 4WD: if it remains after lease signing, we'll initiate abandoned vehicle stuff
    3. to be offlined: policies around events, alcohol, drugs, etc. to be developed by interested people and reported back to committee
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