• Open: 11:10
  • Present: AntonL SKoTM MitchK ChrisHall DaveFaletti DavidO'Meara JennaD BrettD WarrenC ChrisBashall JamesStewart TimGilchrist JasonMuirhead ShayTelfer Jean-MichelMaujean(NM featured artist, next 3 months) NickBannon MatteoVinci BrendanRagan KittyByrne
  • 1. Attendance and Apologies, Proxies received
    • No apologies, proxies received
  • 2. Presentation and Approval of the Annual report of the Management Committee
  • Chair's report:
    • To be scanned from typewriter!
    • Special recognition:
      • JasonM
      • SkotM vs Vogonic city council
      • DanielH: Wrangling Lotterywest grant and favourite toy
      • David O'M: Promotional endeavours & outreach to in Freo, first point of call for new members walking into the space during the day
      • MitchK: Taking on Laser Monday
      • Timbo: Continual support of committee members, following up new members
      • WarrenC: Chasing up attractive position in Midland
      • Sure there's missed people, but thank you!
    • Motion to be moved: That the meeting accept the 2014 Annual Report of the Management Committee
  • 3. Presentation and Approval of Financial reports
    • Thank you to the GSPA!
    • $6872.19 in account, much is the Artifactory minus a few hundred dollars in final GSPA expenses
      • Ready to pay September 2014's rent
    • Robotics event coming up this month, lump sum coming in
    • Treasury numbers since 20140101 (not since last AGM)
      • Net Profits for August and the Calendar Year To Date are actually losses of $5,454.50 and $7,119.85
      • Net loss: start Jan-end Aug $7148.30: now behind in rent
      • August2014 net loss: $706
      • The loss for the year to date has been managed through going from being ahead on major payments (rent and power) to being behind
      • there _is_ a path forward, we have had good event proceeds lately
      • Been holding GSPA ticket money Income & Expenses ReportAugust 2014Total, 01 January 2014 to 31 August 2014
Income - SubTotal$10,192.70$47,922.39
Income - Membership$3,035.50$24,864.63
Income - Cash Deposit$860.50$4,801.60
Income - Bond$203.41$850.23
Income - Merchandise$0.00$85.00
Income - Tickets$6,088.64$16,131.73
Income - Equipment$0.00$924.55
Income - Misc$0.00$120.00
Income - T-Shirts$144.65$144.65
Expenses - SubTotal$4,738.20$40,802.54
Expenses - Rent$4,449.38$30,642.26
Expenses - Internet$79.00$632.00
Expenses - Waste$209.82$1,499.79
Expenses - Electricity$0.00$4,591.10
Expenses - Membership$0.00$210.00
Expenses - Insurance$0.00$1,417.29
Expenses - Welding Classes$0.00$1,810.10
Net Profit$5,454.50$7,119.85
  • Motion to be moved: That the meeting accept the 2014 Financial Report
  • Moved: SKoT, second: ChrisHall
    • All for? Against: 0; Unanimous!
  • 4. Presentation and Approval of the membership fees and schedules
    • Motion to be moved: That the meeting accept the current membership fees and schedules
    • $1350 for September AudioVault
      • 2 metre square for pallet racking
    • 32-37 full members (some in arrears), 4 concession
    • Move to $75? $80?
    • Day memberships: to disscuss in committee
    • Studio/Comissioned work/Artist level membership $150/month
      • BD precendent when he was doing large commissioned work
      • Sponsored membership $100/month with materials
        • Student groups?
      • Can add a premium membership? $100?
        • No usage fees
        • No commercial quantity/mass manufacturing purposes?
        • Concern: person hogging resources: could be fixed better by user pays
          • JD: We are in a hackerspace: We need to be social and share
        • “Resource membership” better name?
        • In principle general approval
        • Separate single month item in tidyclub; “space allowance” item
      • Base membership increase
      • NB: Move to $80/month; ChrisHall seconds
        • BRagan: Leary of raising it above CPI
        • Increased CPI+Electricity use
        • Tidyclub fees: $1.80+50c
          • For: 3
          • Against: 14
      • Motion: Full to $75; SkotM: $75, Second: BrendanR
        • For: Unanimous
      • Motion: concession to $45:; move: NB second: ShayT
        • For: Unanimous
      • Motion: Recommend: That the incoming committee shall consider and implement the “space allowance” item; move: SKoT second: Timbo
        • For: Unanimous
  • 5. Election of a new management committee.
    • Nominate: MitchK: SM; second Timbo
    • Nominate: SM, NB, MK, DO'M, JD, BD, WC, JamesStewart, TG, JM
    • < maximum of 10 members; no need for formal voting
    • Any objections? None!
    • Done!
  • 6. Other business.
    • JasonM, WC: Cornwell House Community Workshops
      • Couple of years away
      • Artifactory to join them as a member, we will have a vote
      • Motion: Join CHCW as a member: Move: WC; Second: SKoTM
        • What obligations are on us?
          • We are part of the movement attracting funding for the construction
          • WC,JasonM will attend their monthly meetings
          • For: n-1
          • Abstain: 1
    • BR: Thanks to outgoing! Continuing! Yay for another year in the space!
  • 7. Close
    • 12:02pm
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