• Location: Perth Artifactory
  • Meeting Opened: 12.25
  • Next Meeting: after lunch.

Members present

  • Present: Nick, Daniel, Skot, Jenna, Brett, Peter D, Anton
  • Apologies: Jason, Brendan
  • Observing: Shae, John P, Tim, Helen, Mel, Garry, Steve R, Warren
  • 12 paid members!

Previous minutes

  • Daniel moves to accept, Skot seconds, accepted.

Chair's report

  • It's been a marvellous year.
  • We have officially recieved our first grant. The ship carrying our lasercutter will be leaving on the 26th.
  • We have been wrangling the council at least ALL YEAR.
  • We renewed our lease. We are sticking around.

Financial report

  • “Holy crap, we're not horrifyingly in the hole.”
  • We are exceeding our outgoings by 10% which is comparitively amazing.
  • Current balance is $14,906, 11,000 of which has to be returned to the creditors for the laser cutter.
  • Total in and out…
  • Membership dipped and rebounded after we adjusted the membership fees.
  • Jenna moves to accept treasurer's report, Skot seconds. Passed unanimously
  • Nick proposes a motion that an auditor be appointed. No-one moves. None for, majority against. Motion failed.
  • Confirmation of membership fees: reduced full membership from $100 to $70 and dropped the associate category.
  • Nick proposes motion to ratify the change. Passed without dissent.

Election of new committee

  • Jason nominated by Jenna and Anton
  • Brendan nominated by Jenna and Brett
  • Daniel nominated by Skot and Warren
  • Anton nominated by Daniel and Jenna
  • Nick nominated by Daniel and Helen
  • Tim nominated by Helen and John P
  • Jenna nominated by Daniel and Mel
  • Warren nominated by John and Daniel
  • Brett nominated by Daniel and Jenna
  • Skot nominated by Jenna and Helen
  • Nominations closed. No election required.
  • Congratulations 2013/2014 committee!

New member probation period

  • Subscription plus 3 month bond.. good behaviour bond. Primarily for covering damage.
  • Other hackerspaces, eg Brisbane, have a 3 month grace period so your membership can be confirmed by the committee.
  • Noisebridge has a paper book- write intention to become a member, two people sign and vouch for newbie once they've been to a few meetings.
  • Paper book involves least management requirements.
  • General expectations: pay bond and receive key after having been seen around the space for at least 3 months. Exception: someone already well-known.
  • Committee will work out the details.

Tidy club

  • Conditional volunteer for position of treasurer from Jason if we go with Tidy Club.
  • Nick proposes that we give jason the go ahead. Warren seconds. Passed unanimously.
  • Daniel confirms that the treasurer role has blown out to a 10-12 hour per month job
  • Tidy Club can do event ticketing.
  • Nice clean API
  • Run by a local group.


  • Shae moves to thank the outgoing committee for their hard work in fighting councils and getting grants and keeping the space running! Warren seconds, Skot scans the room menacingly, daring anyone to challenge the motion. Passed unanimously with applause.

Meeting Closed

12.55 Sausage time!

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