Committee Members

  • Chairperson: Daniel Harmsworth (DH)
  • Vice Chair: SKoT McDonald (SM)
  • Temporary Secretary: Brendan Ragan (BR)
  • Treasurer: Jason Muirhead (JM)
  • Infrastructure Czar: Anton Lord (AL)
  • Nick Bannon (NB)
  • Neil Francis (NF)
  • Shay Telfer (ST)
  • James Stuart (JS)
  • Chris Bashall (CB)
  • Caspian McLean (CML)
  • Chris Hall (CH)
  • Jenna Downing (JD)
  • Brett Downing (BD)
  • Peter Dreisiger (PD)

Meeting Times

  • Opened: 12:27
  • Closed: 13:11


  1. No minutes from the last AGM as they went missing :/
    1. Lack of minutes accepted informally
  2. Annual Report
    1. Committee Report
      1. We are building
      2. Thanks to audiovault for much awesomeness
    2. On the Cusp of getting Public Building status
      1. Thanks to anton for getting this sorted
    3. Events
      1. Busy year
      2. Put on a Noizemaschin every month - mostly revenue positive
        1. Big thing is that we have a lot of experimental music artists in the space
        2. Published CDs and stuff
        3. This makes it easier to get art grants
        4. Sam Gillies is going to look at getting a department of the arts
      3. Put on 5-ish Raptures
        1. Mostly broke even
        2. Last one was enormous - $2K
        3. Can't run at the moment due to public building etc.
      4. AudioVault helped build the stage
      5. Donation of lights (but are really power hungry)
        1. Will probably put LEDs in them
      6. Steampunks prop making sessions
      7. Cyperpunk prop making session
      8. AudioVault does friday sundowners with Backyard Project DJs
        1. Reaching out to perth music industry more
      9. Geek Haven - Women's focused hacking event
      10. Arduino Nights need to be restarted properly
        1. Good in the first half of the year, but SM got busy
        2. have found Doug who wants to do stuff
      11. Live Industrial Night
      12. Simon Kirkby and SM are looking at setting up a proper lighting rig
      13. People planning events should clear them with SM to ensure that things don't bump into each other
        1. SM can see the AV band calendar
    4. Infrastructure
      1. Epic amounts of infrastructure over the last 12 months
        1. AV has done a great job on their office and their band room
        2. Tools now in tool room
        3. Much more floor space
        4. New Stage
        5. 3D / Design room
      2. Building now has a Electrical Compliance Certificate
        1. Final stage before getting the public building certificate
  3. Finance Report
    1. Covers until 12th September 2012
    2. Income over 11 Months
      1. ~$55k
    3. Expense over 11 months
      1. ~$62k
    4. Various members have been funding the differences
    5. Total liabilities to our members is quite high.
    6. We need a seperate bond account established.
    7. Two members who are significantly into the future (PD and SM)
    8. Everyone else is either 3 months ahead or 3 months behind (which should be considered normal)
    9. The “Never Never” loans are currently $8,570
    10. Month of August
      1. Incoming: $4281
        1. $2700 in terms of individual subscriptions
        2. $800 from AVE ($400 more will become available April 2013)
      2. Outgoings: $4659
    11. Projections going forward
    12. 20 Full members, 10 associate, 3 concession, 2 associate consession
    13. Total of 38 financial members
    14. Need to be bringing is $5000 a month.
    15. Costs are not anticipated to rise until August 2013 (new lease)
    16. Once Monthly events return we should be liquid.
  4. Presentation to Jason for Service above and beyond the call of Duty
  5. Reports were accepted without Dissent
  6. New Fee Structure
    1. Some discussion around discontinuing Associate Membership
      1. Not done due to the fact that Peter D Was going to take on membership officer
    2. Front office - including 3 memberships - $800 / Month
    3. Middle office - $400 / Moth
    4. Band Membership - $12.50 a Session
    5. Friday Night Cultural Event for AV - $100 a Night
    6. “Associated Entities” Event (subject to Artifactory approval) - $150 a night
  7. Passed Without Dissent
  8. Motion to be moved: “That no auditor be appointed for the next financial year unless lotterywest or other grant giving an organization requests it”. SM seconds.
    1. Passes without dissent
  9. 9 Nominations presented - No election required
    1. No objections.
Additional Business
  1. Welding classes for people that don't want to do an entire TAFE course
    1. “I know just enough to be dangerous” mooted as a name
    2. a TAFE trainer is interested and he's a very good welder.
  2. More Storage
    1. Turning the “locker wall” into storage
    2. Get rectangular tubing to create vertical locker storage
  3. Backyard area
    1. Chris wants to make the backyard look better
    2. Needs a paved area for the BBQ
    3. Anton looked at costs of stuff
      1. Boral operates a concrete plant - they often have some leftovers
      2. We pre-border the area and then fill up various sections
    4. Flame Scuplture
    5. Backyard projections
    6. Aquaponics
    7. Sketchup diagrams need to be updated.
  4. Ellenbrook masters / Bunnings
    1. Sausage Sizzle
New committee
  • Chris Bashall
  • Scott McDonald
  • Jason Muirhead
  • Anton Lord
  • Brett Downing
  • Jenna Downing
  • Brendan Ragan
  • Nick Bannon
  • Daniel James Harmsworth
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