Artifactory Access

The Perth Artifactory is a nonprofit organization run entirely by volunteers and thrives through the overall communal and combined effort of its members. Unfortunately this means we aren't open every day. You can find our opening hours on Google Maps.

If you have a Full or Concession membership then you can opt to sign up for a 24/7 access key. When doing so you will be required to pay a bond equal to three months of your membership fees. If you would like to get a 24/7 contact the Treasurer.

Casual visiting members who just want to use the tools for the day/night and members who have not paid for a key have a variety of methods to access the space.

Check the webcams to see if there is already a key holding member who has opened up and come down. Some members have opted in to the presence list at the bottom of the page. If one of these members is in the space you can also usually message them on Slack to check how long they'll be sticking around. However, we require a keyholder to be present any time there are people in the workshop. This means that if the last keyholder wants to leave they'll let you know ~15 minutes beforehand to give you time to pack up.

Come down on one of our regular scheduled events (except for Noise machine and other events specifically marked in the calendar as low noise). You're welcome to attend the events but you can also just go off and do your own thing or use what you need to.

* Organize access on the Mailing List

Go to our Slack team or mailing list and ask if anyone will be in at the space on a particular day or time. Our primary real time communication method is Slack and will yield the best results.

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